A Global Entrepreneur Proposes to Fiance Under The Northern Lights in Norway

Having Traveled Across 49 Countries Worldwide, Yas Maharaj’s Success Story is Unlike Any Other Business Leader of The Modern World

August 29, 2019 – Seasoned Global Entrepreneur, Yas Maharaj is setting new examples and benchmarks for the next generation of business leaders with his dynamic personality and unmatched success. At the age of 26, Yas has been to 49 countries and owns multiple businesses in the USA and South Africa. His travel, lifestyle and business experiences have enabled him to get a deeper understanding of different cultures worldwide and expand his businesses to the new frontiers with a considerable amount of ease.

“The most memorable moment in my life came when I was finally able to propose my fiancé in Norway under the Northern Lights, which is undoubtedly the most romantic place in the world with the most breathtaking view,” said Yas Maharaj, while talking about his personal life and engagement. “I believe that business and travel go side by side and one complements the other in a very productive manner,” he added.

According to Yas, one of the most important lessons he learned in his life is that one can only plan to a certain extent, and sometimes one has to hold multiple roles in business and life. By applying this philosophy in his everyday professional and personal life, Yas is living his dreams to the fullest, while also growing his business at an exponential rate. Moreover, the Global Entrepreneur has businesses across the world and the list of his companies, ventures and travel destinations is growing each year.

In addition, Yas is qualified formally in many fields, including Information Technology, Marketing, Cyber Security, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Music Production, and Alternative Healthcare. Moreover, he has been personally coached by the World’s Number Wealth and Business Coach, JT Foxx. Yas has even spent time with JT Foxx at his home in Florida, outside of the business environment. 

With his steadily growing extensive network across the globe and having traveled to over 49 countries and numerous cities across the world, Yas is undoubtedly setting new examples in the industry for the next generation of business leaders. The entrepreneur has been known to solve problems and provide solutions for corporate and industrial clients alike. The most notable achievement of Yas to date is growing a pharmaceutical company internationally, which now serves multiple regional offices and distribution centers worldwide.

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