Why UTOPIA was born, The evolution of ideas

In today’s world, money rules! Injustice, injustice, crime. We turn a blind eye to this unfair and painful reality, and think the world is the way it is! Alas! money. “Money measures labor,” we are taught. The reality is, hard life, most people are in poverty in this residual life! So will future generations. The media sing praises all day long, lie all day long, what freedom, equality! How can people have equal rights with bankers and financial oligarchs?Money is not a measure of labor, but an invisible yoke! We are all slaves of money, for thousands of years. You can’t go without money!


It is true that everyone must work, but of his own free will, not to earn a living; Not to mention that some people work all the year round, while others do nothing.moneyMoney is just colored paper with characters, printed at will by others, and given to the working people as “the wages of labor”. Human indifference, reality pain!The financial world is a pyramid with the federal reserve at the top, central Banks in the middle and local Banks at the base. Banks, like blood vessels, and money, like blood, nourish the organs of society.bankWhy do bankers earn millions while working little? Because they can grow money, debt grow money, money out of thin air! Banks have millions of depositors, and they don’t withdraw money at the same time. Unless there is a panic run, the Banks’ fictitious debts will never be repaid. Because the bank doesn’t have enough money for everyone!

The bank vault is only 90% air. When you borrow money to buy a house, you become a slave to the bank. Until the principal is paid off, you, and your children and grandchildren, will remain slaves to the Banks and, more precisely, to the global financial system.Banks are loyal servants of the fed and they have been hurting us and will hurt our children and grandchildren. If left alone, the Banks may even get worse. We are not slaves. We are people. We choose freedom. Only great changes in finance can break the financial chain and build a new financial system — a fair and honest new system! Independent of the existence of the existing financial system, it is controlled by society itself and is not subject to any supervision by the state.

This is also the voice of the majority of the world.There is no better time to be free. With the advent of Utopia, great financial reform is inevitable! It’s just a matter of time!The seeds of freedom have been sown. They have taken root. Has been growing! Never die! With the arrival of Utopia, it will lead us into a Brave New World. It is a brighter, cleaner society. This is the unit of the new world, where money will not exist, where everything will be different. Be honest and fair. There will be no slaves and no masters. And they work for fun and for the good of society. And a good ending will triumph over evil. Everything will be in this new world. Of course! “Utopia” represents “an ideal world”, which was put forward by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Utopia is striving to be ideal-in the digital world.

Utopia is a whole new world, it is the financial network, is a new financial order – this is formed by a group of volunteer has the common goal of informal networks of people rose up against financial slavery, and to achieve this goal they combine their money together, forming a huge force, invincible force, this force is growing with each passing day. Utopia will live for ordinary people! With the asset reserve of bitcoin as the backing, thus popularizing the most valuable and reliable virtual currency. Based on secure, scalable and reliable blockchain, ensure that every investor can enjoy fair and just investment results.

Completely decentralized, community development is governed by all bitcoin holders, which is no longer restricted by centralized financial institutions, making users more democratic in financial activities and bringing people’s desire for financial freedom closer to reality. Utopia is a public money-box, where people save money and withdraw it when needed. You can continue to deposit your hard-earned money in the bank, become the next slave, or join Utopia, it’s up to you! We’re all waiting for you! We can do a lot of things! We change the world! We’re going to change it. Everything will be Utopia! Researchers in the world, Utopia is a completely new society: fair, just, honest and reliable; There were no slaves, no slave owners, and no money in the sense we have it today. People work for fun and contribute to society!


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