VEVAG (VVGT), an encrypted digital currency developed by technical teams in Europe and the United States, is about to start private equity and crowdsourcing

USDC-VVGT Intelligent Incubator mainly relies on USDC constant settlement of digital currency, and accumulates research and development on the leading technology of block chain, community node cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the solution of digital currency settlement. The intelligent incubator of block chain is managed mainly through the visual interface of APP. This can effectively make users, businessmen and node people truly achieve decentralized interaction. 

The USDC-VVGT Intelligent Incubator is a system with many nodes, each node has a high degree of autonomy. Nodes can freely connect with each other to form new connection units. Any node may become a stage center, but it does not have mandatory central control function. The influence between nodes will form a non-linear causality through the network. Form the open, flat and equal system phenomena or structure of USDC which will be widely used in future incubation projects.

VEVAG incubated by USDC, total circulation: 1 billion 

The initial application areas of VVGT include: 

VEVAG  Mall (VV Digital Mall)

Create a global C2C platform to pay for purchases in digital currency, and stores can buy favorite goods from around the world through VV shopping malls. And it has overcome the obstacles to the payment of existing legal currencies.

Block Chain Games

Many games have become the main platform for game enthusiasts around the world to promote friendship. And the market is huge and the customer base is stable. At present, block chain games have been developed by many block chain companies. Players participate in the block chain game, but also can make the player’s assets better guaranteed, more convenient to pay.    

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