BOCK digital fund platform, block chain 4.0 era benchmark!

Bock was initiated by the Brady family and is another masterpiece of the blockchain 4.0 era.


The BOCK project is jointly developed by Columbia University, Silicon Valley Interconnected Finance Group (SVIF), SBC of the Swiss Blockchain Finance Institute, and FBG, a world-renowned digital asset management company. The platform has many leading R&D elites. With the support of many powerful investment companies, the BOCK project is supervised by the Financial Services Authority Committee in the United States. After many years of painstaking research, the BOCK financial team has introduced a profitable combination of blockchain digital money funds and industrial ecology to create more comprehensive figures. The asset management integrated management platform will once again lead the blockchain market.

As the world’s first comprehensive management platform for digital asset funds, BOCK (Bank Ocean Digital Currency Chain Key) focuses on the blockchain digital economy and invests in various fund projects through the combination of blockchain digital money funds and industrial ecology.

The bock project is directly supervised by the Financial Services Administration Committee in the United States. In the bock financial team, there are a group of outstanding financial management experts, data actuaries, top software programmers, professional legal teams and other talents for real-time monitoring. The regulatory dynamics of blockchain and digital currency fund transactions in various countries, according to which to put forward corresponding compliance recommendations for fund investment, to avoid systemic compliance risks. After years of painstaking research, the “High Frequency Trading Law” has been continuously profitable in the global capital market.

The bock platform has a professional team to conduct detailed research on the project from the aspects of business, technology and law before participating in the investment of digital currency projects, providing professional analysis and evaluation of the project, maximizing the selection of quality projects, and investment participants can entrust professional funds. The administrator manages the digital asset fund and obtains project dividends. In contrast, small and medium-sized participants who directly invest in digital currency projects tend to “single-armed combat”, lacking professional analysis as the basis for investment, and the return on investment will be greatly reduced, and the risk of use will also increase significantly.

Bock platform fund management mode:

[usdt – platform – bock – fund – static, dynamic revenue – digital wallet]

That is to first use the mainstream currency usdt to enter the platform, and then use usdt to convert into a bock pass certificate, after redeeming into a bock pass certificate, the certificate will be invested in the fund, and the professional fund manager will be entrusted to manage the digital asset fund to obtain the project. Dividends.

In addition to the commercial benefits brought by digital money funds, its eco-industry model is also a bright spot.

Bock three ecological models:

One: bock mall

Members can use bock to convert to the US dollar to purchase quality products.

2. Chain travel ecology

Bock is imported into the online game section, you can use the bock as an in-game asset to buy game currency and other game tracks.

With services.

3. Convenience services

Use the bock pass to redeem the recharge card; you can recharge your phone bill; you can buy train tickets, tickets, etc.

In addition, life services can use bock to pay for high-end tours in major travel agencies around the world, enjoy global luxury travel services, and use bock to book online, get the highest discount and VIP service privileges.

With a bock pass, you can enjoy entertainment in all major offline entertainment cities around the world.

The core advantages of bock:

1: Decentralized community based on blockchain technology, without funds pool, avoids the technical, moral and policy risks of the centralized model.

2: The Financial Services Administration of the United States has reached a strategic cooperation to drive the industry with the community, to incite capital by the industry, and to achieve huge returns with capital.

3: The platform strives to build a global community and establish a ground-breaking application scenario for bock certification.

Bock vision:

Vision 1: Building a million-level community

Vision 2: Building a Global Community Service Center

Vision 3: Let ordinary people realize financial freedom through a combination of digital money funds and ecological industries.

Bock’s digital money fund service platform is a set of technical solutions that use blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide fundraising, investment, management and retreat support.As the first blockchain project in the field of cryptocurrency funds, bock aims to provide one-stop all-round services for cryptocurrency funds by blockchain technology. Its unique entry point is unique in blockchain projects.

With the official launch of the platform, its original intention is not only to enable ordinary people to achieve financial freedom through the combination of digital money funds and ecological industries, but also to build a complete ecological industry system as a long-term mission. After that, the ecological scene will cover all areas of food and clothing, layout of the whole industry ecology, bock based on blockchain funds + landing application-driven, solve the actual pain points of economic development, open up the value of digital assets and physical business to create a strong docking The weakly centralized social business ecosystem provides investment and financing services for SMEs. Destocking for traditional enterprises, increasing consumption for consumers, promoting blockchain services for business progress and social development, creating sustainable prosperity under user consensus! Focus on development Five major industries such as finance, net red, games, industry, and industry and finance. Create truly efficient and secure digital assets and build digital asset applications (Mall, Finance, Social, Gaming, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Medical…) to make digital assets widely circulated and drive revenue to create a healthy and sustainable ecological industry.

An epoch-making digital asset fund platform has arrived, and a cross-border integration platform that changes the blockchain industry and the traditional financial industry is coming soon.Let each of our currency people and financial practitioners cheer and expect together! The trend of global digital money funds has arrived, and we will work together to achieve the wealth value of life!

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