Plaza Ventures places strategic investment on Blockey Finance and is optimistic about its multi-scenario applications


According to the Wall Street Journal, Plaza Ventures has recently invested in BlocKey Finance, an innovated blockchain financial service provider and is optimistic about its multi-ecological future. Being a blockchain financial innovation service provider, the core of BlocKey Finance lies in digital identity, digital asset aggregation brokerage transaction and management. It provides BaaS (BlocKey as a Service) with encrypted algorithms and an EAL5+ security chip as the core underlying hardware and software technology framework.

The 2B2C universal platform network it built is designed to provide application transformation for commercial finance, social entertainment, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, offering a convenient, secure and trusted blockchain to different roles and organizations on the internet. It weaves isolated trust value islands into a value network and provides safe, efficient and trustworthy blockchain basic services.


Headquartered in London, Blockey Finance is founded by Morgan Stanley DMG & Partners Securities, Swiss Blockchain Foundation, DCG, Gilder Technology Fund, and Boost VC. The core team members is comprised alumni from world-renowned enterprises, including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank Group, IB, Google, Facebook, and more. Each of these professional has over 10 years working experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, technology, computer, finance and blockchain.

The Blockey Finance R&D team has grown to 100 people after five years of development and has research branches in London, Switzerland, Finland, New York. The business includes BlocKey Broker & Trading Network, BlocKey Marker System, Blockey of Things and BlocKey Intelligence. The company has recruited top academic and research resources from Cambridge University, Harvard University and DeepMind Blockchain AI Lab to build a reliable network among people and people, people and things, people and AI through cross-field integration in blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, finance and culture, exploring the symbiosis and common prosperity between people and “object of scientific technology.”

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