How Cosmetic Treatment is Covering More of the Body through Non-Invasive Techniques

Cosmetic treatments have grown in popularity on an enormous scale over the years, with people more likely than ever to seek corrective treatment for problematic conditions, as well as enhance what they already have with beauty and aesthetic procedures. What have also increased in popularity – and have been made possible by technological advancement – are non-surgical procedures, which offer similar results to cosmetic surgery without much of the pain and long recovery period.

Cosmetic treatments are also spreading to cover more parts of the body than ever before. In the past it was common to come across procedures on the nose and teeth, jaw line and eyelids; hair transplants and breast enhancements were also quite familiar to many people. In recent years, the list of body parts that are now open to alteration includes the hands, neck and tummy, many of which are possible through non-invasive procedures.

Novuskin is a Las Vegas-based aesthetic treatment centre that specializes in bespoke treatments for many different parts of the body, covering solutions for issues such as excess/no hair, skin conditions such as rosacea and acne scars, and excess fat because of obesity. Traditionally plastic surgery-related procedures such as facelifts and nose jobs are also on offer via non-surgical means.

The centre works on a membership basis, offering a VIP service to members that includes exclusive treatments which are also charged at a discounted price. Members of the scheme also have access to a private members’ area of the clinic, where they can receive extra perks to add to the overall luxurious nature of the experience.

Novuskin’s non-surgical facelift treatments are carried out via a range of options, according to the specific requirements of the individual. Injectables, using a drug such as Botox, is one approach, and this smoothes out wrinkles and creases in the skin. Another approach is dermal fillers, which uses a gel that is injected under the skin and which fleshes out areas of the face to give an even, youthful look.

Another approach uses the high-tech method of laser therapy. In this case, laser skin resurfacing uses a laser to target old damaged cells and destroy them, causing the body to initiate a natural process of collagen production that then travels to the surface of the skin and replenishes and revitalizes it.

Microneedling is another form of non-surgical treatment offered by Novuskin that can rejuvenate the skin, and is particularly effective in dealing with skin conditions such as acne scars, Melasma, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles and dryness. As with the laser therapy, microneedling works by stimulating the body’s natural processes: small needles prick microscopic holes in the affected areas of the skin, which instigates the natural production of collagen to repair the skin that has been ‘damaged’. The new, fresh-looking skin also receives a hydration boost from the collagen.

About Novuskin Med Spa

Novuskin is a clinic based in Las Vegas that works on a membership basis, offering exclusive treatments and special offers to its VIP members. The clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic, non-invasive treatments, including most parts of the body and face, body contouring, laser hair removal, cosmetic injections and skin treatments such as microneedling.  

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