[UPDATED]: Sculpture Fabrication is Made Easier With NYC’s 3D Printing Services from PrintAWorld

[UPDATED]: Sculpture Fabrication is Made Easier With NYC’s 3D Printing Services from PrintAWorld

Brooklyn, NY – In an era in which not only the aesthetics of things are appreciated but also the effectiveness in which a result can be obtained, 3D printing becomes the best alternative to guarantee not only quality and aesthetics but also impressive results in an unprecedented time. PrintAWorld is a 3D printing company which is dedicated to turning their clients’ ideas into reality through their 3D printing services.

Regarding their vast experience and their great clientele, their company’s spokesperson said, “Having the pleasure and opportunity to work with so many artists and fabricators around the country has trained us all to be vigilant, detailed, and keen to all needs required for sculptural fabrication. Sculptural fabrication can be a very lengthy process if planned or executed improperly. It takes certain individuals who have a great attention to detail and a clear mindset. Working with tight timelines and budgetary constraints has allowed us to perform efficiently and smoothly. Everything from a sketch to the actual fabrication takes an immense amount of planning and knowhow about the individual steps needed to have a great end result. If you’re starting from scratch and all you have is an idea, a sketch or an inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Our professional 3D artist and product engineer will help you every step of the way. With our experience and expertise, we’re able to help artists, engineers, product designers, and hobbyists turn their ideas into reality. We have had the fortune to serve thousands of clients including over 500 prestigious brands such as IBM. Samsung, 50 Cents, ADIDAS, Tiffany & CO., New York Philharmonic, Peter Marino Architect, NBC Universe and more. Whichever is your design or whatever you have in mind, we are pretty sure we can help you to get the best results.” PrintAWorld offers a wide array of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services including 3D modeling, 3D printing, 3D scanning, art fabrication, custom jewelry designs, designer toy products, laser cutting, cnc routing, cnc milling and even metal plating. All of their services are provided using state-of-the-art technology, in the hands of the most skilled and certified 3D artists and engineers. 

PrintAWord comprises the latest technology for all additive manufacturing services, including SLA printing, a high-resolution printing system capable of printing intricate 3d designs with a very accurate finishing using materials such as standard resin, SOMOS resin, SOMOS water transparent resin and resistant resin.

SLA 3D printing system is perfect to perform all scales 3D printing services, since its advanced system allows it to print object as small as a ring and as thin as a coin still be faithful to each element of the original design, all from the surface quality to the small details that the artist intended. 

PrintAWord also offers SLS and FDM printing services, all performed by their highly experienced and certified technicians who are always ready to provide a personalized service to guarantee a maximum intimacy between clients and their products. 

PrintAWorld has gained great recognition, not only in New York but also nationwide, thanks to the professionalism of their expert 3D artists and engineers, as well as the equipment that comprises their state-of-the-art laboratory. PrintAWorld is synonymous with quality, as throughout their years of service, they have always been known for offering personalized solutions by working in collaboration with their clients to guarantee the expected result, regardless of its scale or complexity. 

Quotes can be requested online, as well as the submission of an order. Orders can be shipped nationwide or be picked up at one of their two studios in Brooklyn or Queens. PrintAWorld is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY 11222. To get a 3D print with PrintAWorld, contact their team via phone at (929)-213-9604 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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