Game Ogre Announces Mobile App For Gamers To Find Local Players For Their Favorite Games

Most people can’t play their favorite games because they can’t find someone to play. Game Ogre is a mobile application designed to make it easier to play new games and meet new players and friends.

Gamers sometimes can live a lonely life with their favorite board games and role playing games collecting dust on their shelf of shame, but it doesn’t have to be so. One major challenge is finding someone who likes the same game outside of your circle of friends. That’s where Game Ogre comes in.

Game Ogre is a simple app that will connect you with other game lovers and players instantly. It comes with cool features that allow gamers to find local players for their favorite games.

With this app, no more solo game nights and beating one’s own records. Every game comes alive with real people who are ready to play against or alongside you.

Now the real gaming has just began. Game Ogre has the kinds of games people play in person against other real people at their local comic shop, coffee shop, or kitchen table. So, everyone is going to feel at home.

Game Ogre creates a unique atmosphere where players have a deep connection with one another based on mutual interests. It makes gaming more engaging and interesting, and forces people to want to improve their skills and show them off in the group.

To download the app, please visit their website.

Gaming can be adventurous, educative, entertaining, and informative. It’s also very lucrative as well. The global board games market size is expected to reach values of over $12 billion by 2023 and in the US, over 5,000 board games cafes were opened in 2016.

Traveling to different parts of the world? Game Ogre can help players quickly make friends in their new location by connecting them with people who have similar favorite games. Isn’t that the fastest way to make new friends in a foreign land?

With over 20,000 games to choose from, there is no dull moment. Players may use the app to check important information like playing time, the number of players, description, etc. They can also view top games in each category or search for their game in a particular category.

Game Ogre allows users to create their own game night posts, add house rules, chose details, and so on. They can also save games as favorites, discover games created by friends in their area, and promote their game on social media.

Make personal connection using the real-time one-one-one chatting and group chatting or reward spectacular players with the built-in voting system.

Game Ogre is the app for the modern gamer to improve their game play, make new friends, and gain more experience. There is no limit to what anyone can achieve here.

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