Paint by Numbers Home Launched Christmas Collection Series for 2019

Paint by Numbers Home is a worldwide seller of pre-designed paintings that customers can paint themselves with the help of guiding numbers for each color. Their paintings include themes involving landscapes, animals, birds, and cartoons, among many more. They experience a high demand for their products in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Pakistan, among many more. This Christmas, the company plans to launch custom Christmas-themed paintings for customers to purchase and fully enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Paint by Numbers Home understands just how important this special occasion is, and bring a wide variety of Christmas themed paintings for you to give as presents to your loved ones. Paintings available include pictures of snowmen, gingerbread men, houses and towns covered in snow, Santa Claus, and many, many presents for customers to color in and discover.

The CEO of Paint By Numbers Home, Mr. Samuel Jackson, believes that Christmas is a time when no expense should be spared to pamper your loved ones on this very joyous occasion, therefore various teams came together to work in order to create the best designs for you to choose from. In the end, thirty-one unique paintings were made so the customer can have as many options while selecting the perfect painting kit to give to their loved ones. Moreover, the company also plans to collaborate with more artists in the coming future in order to have an even wider choice of designs for customers to choose from.

Moreover, Paint by Numbers Home offers customers a chance to get their products delivered as soon as possible, that too in affordable prices. Furthermore, customers can also choose the size of their paintings, and even choose whether they want the picture to have frames or not. All these facilities are provided to the customer in affordable prices, because Mr. Samuel Jackson believes Christmas is about making memories and sharing joy with your loved ones, not making a huge dent in your wallet. With that in mind, customers now have access to different styles of frames to make their paintings unique.

Mr. Samuel Jackson also believes in providing customers with the complete product so they do not have any queries, therefore when you order from the company, your package will contain the canvas itself, the paints in their numbered container, three paintbrushes of different sizes, and lastly, a picture of what the end result of the painting should look like. This will ensure that your Christmas gift is complete in itself, making it the perfect present to give.

Lastly, the company has also introduced a new addition to their online shop, which consists of objects that you can buy and give on this special Christmas holiday. By shopping from the tools section that contain many different easels and art supplies boxes, you can further expand your Paint By Numbers Home collection. This will not only give you a good Christmas gift idea, but also make it a meaningful one, especially if the recipient of this Christmas present enjoys painting.

Mr. Samuel Jackson and the team of Paint by Numbers Home wishes you good luck on your journey to find the best Christmas themed picture to paint for your family, along with a happy Christmas.

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