VENTURE 4TH Expands its Product Line by Adding a New Sleeping Bag Color Combo

After the welcome addition of two new color options earlier this year, the Silver/Black color combination is being rolled out this September.

Sep 2, 2019 – VENTURE 4TH, an outdoor gear and travel accessory company, announced today that they will be adding a new Silver/Black color variation to their popular sleeping bag line in the first half of September which could be purchased on their Amazon marketplace.

Two color tones, Green/Green and Red/Orange, were added to the original Blue/Gray color combination product offering early 2019. The popularity of the product, and the customer feedback of wanting a neutral color on offer, all led to the launch of the Silver/Black sleeping bag addition.

This 3-season sleeping bag, with a temperature rating that is ideal for weather conditions from 35°F to 77°F, will keep you warm on cool autumn nights and comfortable on warm summer evenings. The sleeping bag is also water resistant so you’ll stay dry even when Mother Nature brings on the April showers.

The sleeping bag is ultra-lightweight which makes it the perfect companion for everything from camping and hiking, to backyard sleep-overs, to festivals, star-gazing and backpacking trips. 

This sleeping bag is designed for travel and the outdoors. It weighs only 2.9 lbs rolled up, yet fits kids and adults up to 5’11” (the sleeping bag itself measures 29.5”x86.6” when fully rolled out). It’s also extremely compact and the carrying bag has compression straps that allows it to be easily packed up for storage.

The sleek design, rip-proof material and reliable zipper will make you the envy of your outdoorsy friends. Not only that, but the 100% polyester design is soft to the touch so you never have to worry about waking up itchy. Every sleeping bag is tested for quality that customers look for when choosing camping equipment.

For further reading on the sleeping bag itself there is a post about the 3-Season Sleeping Bag on the VENTURE 4TH website that goes into more detail about the uses and benefits.

For those who are interested in learning more about the company can do so on their official Facebook page, as well as on their website. The Facebook page is also a great place to interact with other customers who have similar interests. It is updated regularly with new product launch announcements, camping know-how, and information about all the gear that VENTURE 4TH offers.

The company provides equipment and gear to those that enjoy spending time outdoors or travel often in general. They sell multiple products on the Amazon marketplace, including sleeping pads, quick-dry travel towels, RFID-blocking wallets and pouches, portable chargers, and much more.

The Amazon marketplace page is filled with 3rd party raving customer testimonials that speak to the quality and benefits of the VENTURE 4TH sleeping bag. For anyone interested in purchasing the product or contacting the company with any questions about the sleeping bag, or any other product they offer for sale, is welcomed to do so via Amazon, Facebook or the website.

With autumn just around the corner in much of the United States, the release of the Silver/Black sleeping bag color combination comes at the perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the fall foliage just a little bit more. 


VENTURE 4TH offers travel accessories for the discerning traveler. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality travel/outdoors products with a lifetime warranty.

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