SardineChain starts to serve artificial intelligence enterprises

SardineChain is aptly named, as these small fish are known for the large groups which they form, and the physical equality within these groups. SardineChain is a decentralized public blockchain adopting the SCP consensus mechanism. It’s core strengths lie in the field of consensus algorithms, smart contracts and cross-chain contracts, catering for technology developers. With a simple development platform, SardineChian hopes to provide technical services for as much developers as possible. In the 5G era, more developers are expected to engage in blockchain technology research and development.

Recently artificial intelligence has really been getting people’s attention. Many are uncertain about how AI and blockchain can work with each other.  Some researchers believe that the decentralization of blockchain and the centralization of AI are contradictory; some believe that AI solves the problem of “productivity,” and blockchain solves the problem of “production relations.” But at the core of these technologies, AI and blockchain are both all about the management and communication of data.

The three pillars of AI are: data, algorithms, and computing power. The data is the object, the algorithm determines the limit, and the computing power determines the completion efficiency. The direct cause of the seemingly sudden outbreak of AI is that the application effect has made a breakthrough. The main reason for this being that computing power has greatly increased. The single-point decision-making ability of AI requires massive data to realize, part is historical data, and part is real-time data. On one hand, the growth of data will be geometric, in the future the current centralized communication mode will not be able to support such a large volume through a single point. Storage and communication capabilities are creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies. On the other hand, a lot of useful data is valuable to many large companies, it is difficult to obtain in real time, and the calculation power is also a big pain point.

Most of the current artificial intelligence is individual intelligence, and ultimately individual intelligence will inevitably move toward group intelligence. SardineChain plans to become the infrastructure for group intelligent decision-making. Mechanisms such as smart contracts and machine voting will drive the collaboration between distributed intelligent nodes and become the carrier of machine experience formation and recording. Thereby helping artificial intelligence to transform from individual intelligence to group intelligence. SardineChain aims to build a distributed cloud SAAS platform and the underlying infrastructure in the form of a public chain, serving more AI enterprises. SardineChain is solving several problems by introducing the concept of point-to-point connections. Because it is an open distributed registry, everyone on the network can access the data. The existing data oligarchy is coming to an end, opening the way to an era of open data. This will greatly reduce the data cost of AI enterprises and help emerging AI companies to break down data barriers.

SardineChain is currently exploring applications in the field of distributed computing and storage, in addition to preparing for beta testing, with R&D as its backbone. The emergence of SardineChain can effectively solve the problems faced by current AI enterprises in terms of data and computing power, thus significantly reducing operating costs. We believeve that in the era of 5G, computing power and storage will explode. SardineChain will issue computing tasks to online users according to the needs of enterprise users. Users can accept computing tasks and participate using their idle PCs or SardineChain mining machines. SardineChain’s distributed storage is not just a data storage, but a block of data that is linked to each other, saving a lot of storage costs. This block of data cannot be arbitrarily falsified and forged. Users can purchase SardineChain distributed storage hardware as a cloud disk, which can read and edit files stored in the cloud disk in real time on the mobile phone and computer, and participate in mining by contributing redundant storage space.

SardineChain’s decentralized blockchain technology application, which provides distributed computing power and distributed storage for AI and later on 5G cloud computing, is about to go online. By then, SardineChain will greatly reduce the data cost of AI enterprises, help emerging AI companies break down data barriers, save a lot of storage costs, while ensuring security against data loss and falsification. SardineChain aims to build a distributed cloud SAAS platform and the underlying infrastructure in the form of a public chain, serving more AI enterprises. SardineChain aims to be the AWS cloud of the 5G era.

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