Blockey and ADSK geek team reaches a comprehensive technical strategic cooperation

Blockey Finance announced on September 1 that it has decided to cooperate with ADSK geek team strategically and collaborate in blockchain technology innovation and application scenarios.

Founded in 2014, Blockey Finance received early investments from DMG & Partners Securities, Swiss Blockchain Foundation, DCG, Gilder Technology Fund, Boost VC and many more institutions.

After five years of development, Blockey Finance has grown into a provider for blockchain financial innovation services. It provides BaaS (BlocKey as a Service) with encrypted algorithms and an EAL5+ security chip as the core underlying hardware and software technology framework. The 2B2C universal platform network it built is designed to provide application transformation for commercial finance, social entertainment, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, offering a convenient, secure and trusted blockchain to different roles and organizations on the internet. It weaves isolated trust value islands into a value network and provides safe, efficient and trustworthy blockchain basic services.


The ADSK geek team comprises a group of geeks from around the globe including a dozens of talents. It aims to revolutionize the blockchain industry. The founding team members came from world-renowned Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and IBM. The core members have won the championship of ACM Computer Competition multiple times.

In terms of the strategic cooperation reached between the two parties, Alex Johansson, CTO of Blockey Finance, stressed, “It is a well-thought-out result. Blockey and ADSK team members share the same background of working at big Internet companies, and we have the technical strength and belief in long-term development of the blockchain industry. The philosophy of ADSK geek team’s subversive innovation in technology is not only in line with the spirit of openness and innovation in the blockchain industry, but also highly fits in the value of Blockey’s team.”

Michael Graham, Founder of ADSK, responded, “From our perspective, an all-round technical cooperation with Blockey is an exciting progress. Blockey’s team is strengthened with solid technical foundation and rich experience in large engineering projects, which will help to solve the bottlenecks in the blockchain industry. As for ubiquitous problems persisted in the performance, stability, and resource consumption of the underlying public chain, Blockey has the vision to focus on creating innovative breakthroughs in cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts.”

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