2019 Global Venture Capital Summit Successfully Held; New Opportunities for Global Venture Capital Development

During August 28-30, 2019, the 2019 Global Venture Capital Summit (sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee and the People’s Government of Xi’an, and undertaken by Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Investment Cooperation, Management Committee of Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone, and Zero2IPO Group), with “Innovation, Opportunity and Future” as its theme, was held successfully at Xi’an Hi-Tech International Convention Center.

Lasting three days, this Summit has examined the cutting-edge development trend of global venture capital industry, and received the attention of over 500 investors and trillion-level capital. The successful convening of the Summit on the one hand confirms the important role played by venture capital in exploring new economic force; on the other hand, it attracts capital to Xi’an, and shows the world how Xi’an establishes itself as the “capital of venture capital investment” with all its efforts.

2019 Annual Meeting of Global Silk Road Venture Capital Association and Expert Forum Lead the New Pattern of Venture Capital

China’s economic restructuring and development as well as the acceleration of its opening up and the quickening of enterprise scientific and technological upgrade are endowing the venture capital industry with vast development space for a new round of development. On August 28, the 2019 Annual Meeting of Global Silk Road Venture Capital Association and Expert Forum took the lead in kicking off the 2019 Global Venture Capital Summit. The Expert Forum was chaired by Zhong Hongjiang, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Party Committee of Xi’an, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xi’an High-Tech Zone and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xi’an Aerospace Base. Deputy Mayor Wang Yong of the People’s Government of Xi’an attended the Forum, and extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the attendees. A wrap-up speech was given by Li Mingyuan, Vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Xi’an.

At the forum, thirty renowned investors including Wang Zhongmin (Former Vice Chairman of National Council for Social Security Fund), Chen Shiyou (Vice Chairman of Investment Management Committee and Managing Director of China International Capital Corporation Limited), Liu Kefeng (Chairman of Beijing Technological Innovation FOF), Luo Zhuo (Founding Partner and Chairman of THG Ventures) and Liu Longwen (General Manager of Guoxin Central Enterprises Operating Fund) and leaders of Xi’an City contributed ideas about how to develop China’s venture capital industry, give play to the regional advantages of Xi’an, and promote the gathering and development of venture capital. The convening of this Expert Forum created a window for direct communication between Xi’an and China’s leading venture capital institutions, and established in-depth interlinkage and mutual reception at the capital level; meanwhile, it shared the historic opportunities and investment opportunities of Xi’an with numerous institutions, to co-explore this fertile soil for innovation, which has rich science and education resources and an excellent science and technology industry.

Lever New Opportunity for Venture Capital; World Famous Investors Empower Value Investing

The Summit placed focus on world famous investors, who conducted in-depth discussions about how to leverage capital, develop science and technology industry, and stimulate new energy for urban innovation. At the summit, in-depth conversations were carried out by persons in charge of unicorn companies and renowned investors including Hu Jiafu (Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Asset Management Association of China), Jin Haitao (Chief Managing Partner of Qianhai Equity Investment Funds (limited partnership) and Chairman of Qianhai Ark Assets Management Co., Ltd.), Zhou Kui (Partner of Sequoia Capital China Funds), Wang Chaoyong (Founder and Chairman of ChinaEquity Group), Shi Anping (Chief Partner and CEO of Guozhong Venture Capital), Ni Zhengdong (Founder and Chairman of Zero2IPO Group), Zhang Suyang (Managing Partner of Volcanics Venture), Liu Erhai (Founder and Managing Partner of Joy Capital), and Yigal Erlich (The Father of Israeli Venture Capital, and Founder and Chairman of The Yozma Fund).

Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Asset Management Association of China Hu Jiafu delivered a speech at the Summit with the theme of “Establish Industry Culture of Good Faith; Promote Healthy Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” Hu Jiafu pointed out that we should optimize industry ecology, build a favorable institutional environment for the formation of innovation capital, persist in serving real economy as the basis and starting point, encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and make greater contribution to serving real economy.

Jin Haitao, Chief Managing Partner of Qianhai Equity Investment Funds (limited partnership) and Chairman of Qianhai Ark Assets Management Co., Ltd., shared his ideas about the theme “2019: The Year of Opportunity for Investing in China.” When talking about the influence of technological innovation board on venture capital institutions, Jin Haitao stated that the successful reform of registration system has raised new requirements for the standardized operation of enterprises while lightening their burdens of issuing shares. The rich valuation methods of technological innovation board have provided the capital market with a new angle of thinking. From now on, venture capital institutions will become the backbone force supporting technological innovation-based enterprises.

Founder and Managing Partner of Joy Capital Liu Erhai gave a speech with the theme of “New Infrastructure Era.” Liu Erhai believed new infrastructure will breed a batch of new species, while investors and entrepreneurs will gain more advantages from the development of new infrastructure.

Release of Three Main Achievements; Comprehensive Construction of the “Capital of Venture Capital Investment”

At the conference, Xi’an introduced the “XI’AN CITY SUPPORTING POLICY FOR ACCELERATING S&T INNOVATION ENTERPRISES OF LISTING OF SSE STAR MARKET”, which provides all-round support for technological innovation-based enterprises to strive towards the “technological innovation board.”

Besides, Zero2IPO Research Center released the “CHINA URBAN TECHNOLOGY FINANCE DEVELOPMENT INDEX 2019”, which is aimed at providing a reference for the FinTech development of each city, and the index of Xi’an ranked ninth.

Meanwhile, “GEP OF XI’AN HI-TECH INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT ZONE “accounting program commissioned by the Management Committee Xi’an High-Tech Zone to Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences was officially released, which establishes an accounting index system conforming to the characteristics of Xi’an High-Tech Zone, and obtains the numerical value and structural features of the GEP of Xi’an High-Tech Zone through measurement and calculation.


In order to promote the matching between outstanding local enterprises and domestic and international capital, Xi’an has continuously strived to look for enterprises of the greatest investment value, and selected a batch of enterprises of great growth and big development potentials. This selection process involves strict preliminary assessment by over a hundred investors and evaluation by dozens of experts. Ultimately, “2019 XI’AN FUTURE STAR TOP 100” and “XI’AN LONGMEN ACTION PLAN TOP20” were selected from 1859 competing programs.

According to reports, among “2019 XI’AN FUTURE STAR TOP 100” are Lonten Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Xi’an Micromach Technology Co., Ltd., Huatian Huichuang Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Weifeng Instrument Inc., and Xi’an Fengyu Technology Co., Ltd.

This year, in order to demonstrate the concept of Xi’an’s “gradient cultivation” of enterprises to be listed on the technological innovation board, “XI’AN LONGMEN ACTION PLAN TOP20” is added for the purpose of selecting excellent local enterprises with the potential to be listed on the technological innovation board and the intention of developing towards pre-IPO. On the list are enterprises including Yeahmobi Network Technology Company Limited, Xi’an Novastar Technology Company Limited, Xi’an Juzi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Xi’an Focuslight Technologies Inc. These enterprises can’t do without the generous support of excellent investment institutions. This appraisal and selection have introduced more “sources” for the economic development of Xi’an, and promoted more promising enterprises to seize this opportunity to “leap over the dragon gate.” The future “unicorns” of Xi’an will start from here and head for the world.

Focus with Six Main Industries of “Technological Innovation Board” and Eight Major Fields of “Hard Technology”; Construct Core Impetus for Developing Hard Technology

The technological innovation board attracting much attention is the “landing point” of many technological innovation-based enterprises planning to be listed. Thanks to the energetic development of “hard technology” and vigorous promotion of “Dragon Gate Plan” in Xi’an, after the official listing of Bright Laser Technologies and Western Superconducting on the technological innovation board, Xi’an, well-known both at home and aboard as the “capital of hard technology”, will continue to grasp the opportunity of “technological innovation board”, strengthen the efforts of FinTech innovation, optimize allocation of resources, and attract more financial capital for precise matching and efficient integration with technological innovation-based enterprises.

To further release its hard technology potentials in fields such as artificial intelligence, high-end equipment and photoelectric chip, promote the integration and matching between the “eight-route” hard technology enterprises of Xi’an and financial capital, the matching meeting for investment into and financing for “eight-route” hard technology enterprises was held successfully as scheduled. Closely around the six main industries of “technological innovation board” and the eight major fields of “hard technology” of Xi’an, the matching meeting conducted an in-depth analysis of the investment and financing trends, strategies and opportunities in various fields of hard technology, and helped medium-sized and small enterprises of Xi’an to discover problems during the financial process and be matched precisely to the capital on site. Xi’an will combine its resource advantages including science & education resources, science-and-technology enterprise incubation and innovative ecological rainforest, to expand and develop the core impetus of “eight-route” hard technology enterprises, and become a highland for domestic and international innovation and entrepreneurship as well as a basin for the accumulation of financial capital. Besides, the Summit also had its characteristic “Program One-to-One Discussing Meeting” and exhibition area to provide professional guidance for precise matching between enterprises and institutions on site, which received unanimous recognition by its attendees.

Finance is the core and bloodline of modern economy, and innovation is an important force to promote development. To develop venture capital is of great importance for improving urban technological impetus. Today, at the same time of actively optimizing innovation environment and gathering innovation resources, Xi’an is also constantly improving the ability of financial industry to serve the development of real economy. The successfully held 2019 Global Venture Capital Summit is perfectly timed for Xi’an, which is dedicated to creating the “capital of venture capital investment” and an international metropolis. Xi’an has sent an official and cordial invitation to global capital, and responded to concerns from the venture capital industry, which fully demonstrates the determination of this “capital of venture capital investment” to explore new force. The successful holding of the Summit will win even broader development prospects for Xi’an and forge even stronger source power for the development of global venture capital industry.

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