Hot GCCX New Retail Exchange and Costco

The first opening day is too hot so that the store must be “closed”? The first impression upon hearing this is that it must be a marketing means, I didn’t believe it at all until I accidentally chatted with a friend who told me he is one of the participants.

On August 27, the first Costco (America’s largest membership-based warehouse chain supermarket) in mainland China was opened in Shanghai, consumers cannot go shopping in the store unless they prepaid the membership fee at RMB 299. Although the opening day was on the weekday, there was still crowded conditions and even had the so-called panic buying.

So what kind of supermarket is Costco? Retail? Warehousing? Or wholesale? The reasons why Costco is so hot in China can be roughly divided into two categories. One is mature investigation and external environment of Costco in Chinese market, including low price and high-quality services, etc. The other is Costco itself, including membership system, choices towards SKU and its mature logistic system. Exactly the combined action of these factors leads to the hot of Costco in China.

At previous, we earned money by the tangible goods, and its logic is “price difference”. In the future, we must earn money by the intangible goods, while its logic is “service”. In the future, the profits of the tangible goods is getting close to 0, while the profits of the intangible goods will be infinite! For example, the profits of the beauty products is getting smaller, while the profits produced in beauty process is higher and higher; the best way to do business in the future is not to make money by tangible products and to make money by its service.

The latest hot GCCX new retail has the same results as Costco. The time of launching GCCX new retail exchange is in the stage of gradual recovery of global blockchain and also blockchain; GCCX new retail exchange is based on innovative thinking of the exchange, with simple operation, weak centralization ensures the asset safety; the innovative model of GCCX new retail exchange is more in line with people’s perceptions and expectations.

Back to Costco, why was Costco forced to close after half a day opening? Perhaps, we can find the development direction of future new retail industry from its operation innovation. The major reason why was Costco forced to close after half a day opening is very affordable products on that day, lots of products are sold at cost price, and moreover, Costco membership system cultivates and promotes users’ consumption habits.

While GCCX new retail exchange only keeps the operation costs and the rest profits are all returned back to the market and users, and meanwhile, the economic model of GCCX new retail exchange invisibly promotes the users to do market positively. Users feel unaccustomed about not logging in GCCX exchange even for a day, it also cultivates users’ habits, and once the market habits are formed, it is doomed to be hot.

GCCX new retail also faces with the trouble of happiness as the same with that Costco was forced to “close” on the opening day. The users of GCCX new retail exchange grew exponentially to millions of users in just over 20 days, the multi-million volume is not a small number for any enterprise, and in order to better serve the users, GCCX new retail exchange is having a system update. A short wait is exchanged for the “return of the king”, let’s wait for the GCCX new retail exchange 3.0 era on September 5.

GCCX new retail exchanges keeps innovating in both service and technology, and it has determined to work deep in the digital currency exchange, providing users with better service and the exchange development with strong force.

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