Pirouette – A New Series Of Planet Lamps That Can Spin Perpetually With No Visible Docking

Levimoon hopes to raise $6,373 via Kickstarter campaign to bring its innovative new series of planet lamps – Pirouette, that can spin perpetually with no visible docking

Levimoon is a brand of levitating moonlight lamps created with 3D printing. Birthed by a sincere love for the moon and a desire to created cool products around it.

Levimoon’s first-ever design for this levitating moon lamps was shared only with close friends and family, but word began to spread and moon lovers around the world soon wanted to know where they could get one. The interest generated was so widespread that it was not just moon lovers who wanted one, but also individuals looking for unique home decorations.

This is not the first time Levimoon has raised funds on Kickstarter. Levimoon had a successful Kickstarter campaign that helped them to achieve levitation with these products.

“While we were pleased with the response and happy to make our wireless light available to the masses, we wanted to take our design to the next level-from wireless to levitating. It took us 6 months just to design a prototype with the weight and balance required to achieve levitation. While we couldn’t have been more excited, we still had a long road ahead,” says CEO of Levimoon.

“Once we had our new full moon prototype, we couldn’t wait to share it. However, the new design proved to be costly and time-consuming, so we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help move things along. To our surprise and delight, and with very little advertising-our new design generated over $50k US. This helped us further improve the design, making our moon home lighting even better than the original prototype.”

Now, this new campaign is to help them with the production of their innovative lamps – Pirouette. Pirouette is a new series of lamps that spin perpetually with no visible docking. Buttonless-design was one of the top priorities in designing Pirouette. The Levimoon team created the “pat-to-activate” feature in order to preserve the seamless spherical form of each planet. With this, you can gently knock the lamp to turn it on and off, as well as changing the color of the LEDs (ranging through white, beige and yellow).

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/xlEsWBSXBXA

The fundraising campaign starts at 9:30 am(GMT-4) 10th September 2019, and Pirouette must raise at least $6,373 in order to be funded. You can check out the campaign here 

“We are so happy that we received so many positive feedbacks from our happy supporters and this is the fuel for our team in working out more innovation planet products. And now, we need your help again. In order to continue our journey, we need your support again. Not limited to backing our project. Your options on our product are also very important to us. We are so happy to hear your comment on our products and idea. Let’s work out the best planet lamps together!” the CEO further stated.

For more information and to help Levimoon get Pirouettes into homes, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kelvinso/pirouette-simple-moon-lamp-redesigned?ref=8s2l05&token=340f8fec

About Levimoon

The Levimoon brand was created in 2017 by Coocepts team after observing the lack of accurate planet lamps with unique spins. Two years later, they have been able to launch innovative planet lamps to thousands of satisfied customers. As a brand, they guarantee high-quality planet lamps that will illuminate every happy moment in your life.

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