Collmann Tribbioli – Retirement Planning; Ethical Investments To Enhance Investment Portfolios

Collmann Tribbioli - Retirement Planning; Ethical Investments To Enhance Investment Portfolios

FRANCE – September 2, 2019 – Quite often in the news we hear about climate change or unethical behavior from a CEO, but how should that change our investment perspective? Ethical investing sounds like something everyone would want to participate in, but what are ethical investments and what are green investments? Ethical issues are not just obvious problems like environmental pollution, but also focuses on shunning companies that test their products on animals, provide harmful products, or regularly engage in practices that are fraudulent or deceptive.

By avoiding investments in these companies we are sending a message that we don’t agree with their unethical operations and support businesses that make our lives and our community better. Ethical Investments provide the opportunity to apply our ethical beliefs to our Retirement Planning and other accounts. Ethical Investments must meet environmental, social and ethical criteria in order to be included in various socially responsible investment (SRI) vehicles. These investments are broken up into various categories based on their grade of green qualifications to help potential investors evaluate their options.

Green Investments – Light

Light green investments are the lowest part of the ethical investment scale. This responsible investing filter avoids gambling, military and defense, nuclear energy, “sin” related companies and weapons manufacturers.

Green Investments – Medium

Medium green investments are in the middle and apply a more rigorous filter that avoids oil and gas companies, as well as, alcohol and tobacco.

Green Investments – Dark

Dark green investments apply the strictest filters for investment ethics. They screen out companies that are active polluters, ignore social issues and focus on renewable energies like solar, recycling companies and water purification investments.

If you are looking interested in retirement planning with ethical investments for your portfolio, contact Collmann Tribbioli who specializes in Responsible Investing and Ethical Investments.

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