Feisou shampoo new products can effectively reduce excessive hair oil and improve gloss

Hair care has always been an important thing for people, and using proper shampoo products is essential to it.

feisou, which has developed four shampoos and two hair conditioners targeting many hair concerns, is being known to more and more people.

The following are the products it has launched.

SCALP DEEP CLEANSING shampoo, which is a must-have for people with oily hair, removes excessive oil from hair effectively, being suitable for people with thin and oily hair and making it become fuller and shinier.

feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo rich in hydrolyzed keratin, combined with jojoba seed oil with nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, the antibacterial and anti-oxidant tangerine peel oil, and the orange peel oil that promotes the secretion of hyaluronic acid, makes it possible to restore the damaged hair to a healthy state.

Peppermint oil and piroctone olamine in feisou REFRESHING ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo have good synergistic action to fight bacteria and help remove the loose flakes from the scalp. This shampoo will rejuvenate hair and bring a cool fresh feeling to people.

feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo is enriched with ginger root oil and tea tree leaf oil, combined with nicotinamide, promoting the blood circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair roots and reducing hair loss. Adopting mild amino acid surfactants, this shampoo also has a certain oil control effect and makes hair fuller and fresher.

Containing multiple naturally-derived nutrients such as michelia alba leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, grapefruit seed extract, hydrolyzed keratin, camellia japonica seed oil and so on, feisou GLOSSY REPAIR hair conditioner targets dry and withered hair, nourishing which in a natural way and making it shine with healthier luster.

feisou REFRESHING HYDRATING hair conditioner concentrates lavender oil and nutrients of wheat such as vitamin E, linoleic acid and other active ingredients. Being thin in lotion, it also helps settle people’s annoyance of using greasy hair care products. 

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