How pardons Canada associates to Freedom

People often say that to err is human. This phrase was first used in a proverb that goes like this: “To err is human; to forgive divine.” The phrase basically means that everyone makes mistakes and that they are worthy of forgiveness. This is true for people with convictions on their criminal record.

If you have a DUI, theft, fraud and/or possession charge on your record, it can seem like your past mistakes will forever hold you back. Getting a new job, custody of your kids or a volunteer opportunity will become far more difficult with a conviction on your record – but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Luckily, we live in a country that believes in second chances. This means that every Canadian with a conviction on their criminal record can apply for a pardons Canada or US entry waiver to ensure that their past mistakes don’t keep them from living the life they want to live.   

Pardons Canada: What is it?

A Canadian pardon (also known as a record suspension) allows for the removal of your criminal record from public view. It is granted to applicants by the Government of Canada, and once your pardons Canada is approved, your record becomes invisible to anyone performing a criminal background check on you.

Once you obtain a pardons Canada, your record can only be viewed by people who have permission to see it and the Public Safety Minister of Canada.

Unfortunately, people can’t apply for a Canadian pardon immediately after serving a sentence. Eligibility for acquiring a Canadian pardon varies depending on the outcome of a person’s case in court (ie. the sentence that is given). For example, if a person’s case is either withdrawn, acquitted or dismissed, they will have to wait 5 months before applying for a pardons Canada. On the other hand, if a person is indicted, they will have to wait 10 years before applying.

For those who wish to permanently destroy their record, they can apply for record expungement. In order to successfully apply for record expungement, they will first have to obtain a pardons Canada.

US Entry Waiver for Stress-Free Travel to the US

If you are planning a trip to the United States and you have a conviction on your record, a pardons Canada may not be enough to get you across the border. Often times, US border agents have an older version of your record. This means that if you have recently obtained a Canadian pardon, a US border agent will not see evidence that you received a pardon. 

From someone with a conviction on their record, traveling to the United States can be very difficult without a US Entry Waiver. This document shows the border agents that you have been properly vetted by officials in the US and Canada and are allowed to cross the border. 

Unfortunately, a US entry waiver does not last forever. Some US entry waivers can last for one year while others can last for 4 years. For people that need a US Entry Waiver to get into America, they will need to renew their entry waiver when necessary.

The process for applying for a pardons Canada, US entry waiver or record expungement can be long and complex. The good news is that there are people that can help. At Federal Pardon Waivers Services, we have been helping people successfully apply for pardons Canada for many years now, and we can do the same for you. Take your life back today by calling us at 1 (800) 543-2137.

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