Cousins by Mary Ellen Brown Carlson – Adventure in the Woods of Cousins behind their Grandparents’ Home

Cousins by Mary Ellen Brown Carlson - Adventure in the Woods of Cousins behind their Grandparents’ Home

Ashville, NY – September 3, 2019 – Adventure stories have always captured the imagination of children. “Cousins” by Mary Ellen Brown Carlson tells the tale of four cousins getting together at their grandparents’ place in the country for a couple of weeks and then deciding to go camping in the woods that rise at the back of their grandparents’ home. What follows is an adventure of a lifetime involving an up and close encounter with a large bear, among others. “Cousins” rekindle fondly remembered childhood memories and also gives children these days preoccupied with Internet gadgets an idea that there is a whole new world out there that is exciting. Wes Bossman has illustrated the book, making it come to life.

Mary Carlson published “Cousins” originally in 1995. The book is republished in 2019 with updated color illustrations and the author’s personal family history. The original story was born from the author’s childhood, inspired by Mary’s family’s many camping endeavors during summer-time. She adds, “Camping and the love of nature have deep roots in my family history.  It was a vital part of growing up in my life. The family was important.” With fun with her extended family and trips all over the United States being extra special when visiting them, Mary Carlson is thoroughly equipped to write adventure-based children’s books like “Cousins.”

When asked what makes “Cousins” stand out from other books, Mary Carlson said, “The simple yet intriguing story is very appealing to children. Children love to talk about and explore the woods and camping. It seems to be an attraction of children, whether they live in a country or city environment. My book contains these elements, and thus, is very endearing to children.”

The author hopes that “Cousins” will help all children aged 1 to 8 find that adventure isn’t very far – it can be found behind grandparents’ home and just about anywhere. All that needs to be done is looking hard enough with a gang just as adventuresome.

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Mary Ellen Brown Carlson’s passion beyond raising her children and watching her grandchildren grow is to be an advocate for the well-being of children/students active in programs among our daycares, schools, and colleges. She grew up in a family of caring adults with many of them contributing to education their entire lives. Watching parents navigate the educational system as a teacher and administrator gave insight to that world beyond being a student. They inspired her with their no-nonsense approach to education. The top priority in decision making was based on what would be the best for the child/student involved.


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