Blockbuster Online of Hubi Partner Locked Position Bonus

Blockbuster Online of  Hubi Partner locked position bonus. Lock up HUB and enjoy lifetime income, up to 25% annualized return.

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I. Hubi Partner Locked Position Bonus

Hubi Partner Locked Position Bonus Form

1. Up to 11% annualized return on interest of Locked Position HUB, settled by day

Silver and above-level partners enjoy an annualized return of up to 11% on HUB Locked Position, which can be settled on a daily basis and can be traded freely or withdrawn.

2. Up to 25% annualized return on bonus of Locked Position HUB, settled by week

Silver and above-level partners enjoy an annualized return of up to 25% on HUB Locked Position, which can be settled on a weekly basis and can be traded freely or withdrawn.

Here is a simple example:

Assuming that you are a super partner with 100,000 HUB locked up, the total Locked Position HUB of 1st-level valid invitees is 2200000HUB, the total Locked Position HUB of 2nd-level valid invitees is 11000000HUB, so you can get:

(100,000 *11%+ 2200,000 *10%+11000000*4%) /12 HUB = 55916.7HUB

Assuming that the average price of HUB within a year is 0.28RMB, then the monthly bonus you can get is

55916.7 * 0.28 = 15656.7 RMB

In other words, you can earn 15,656.7 yuan per month from Hubi Partner Locked Position Bonus.

II. Hubi Partner 4 Exclusive Privileges

In order to fully consider the short-term and long-term benefits of the users, Hubi partners not only enjoy a Locked Position bonus of up to 25%, but also enjoy the privileges of up to 70% fee rebates, exclusive candy airdrops, and rebates for recommended Token Listing.

Up to 25% Locked Position Bonus

Up to 70% Fee Rebates

Exclusive Candy Airdrops

Rebates for Recommended Token Listing

III. HUB as Hubi Eco-coin

HUB Eco-coin is issued in compliance by HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited which is based in Singapore. As the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, HUB carries the ecological rights, circulation and value attributes. The total amount of HUB issuance is constant at 5 billion, no private placement, no ICO and no additional issuances; No airdrops, no giveaways, no free access;

Since the launch of HUB, the value has maintained a sustained growth, and the price has steadily risen, with the highest price reaching $0.06. In the first quarter, HUB gained a four-fold increase and accumulated a broad consensus base.

Blockbuster online of Super Partner on Hubi. Hubi launches the “Everyone is a CEO, everyone enjoys ecological bonus” model, allowing users to participate in the operation of the Hubi platform with zero threshold, enjoy ecological dividends, which fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users.

As the proportion of Hubi locked positions increases, the consensus of Hubi community will gradually strengthen, the value of HUB will grow rapidly, and the rise of HUB price will inevitably attract more users to become Hubi super partners, gradually forming a virtuous cycle, and finally forming a mutually beneficial Hubi ecological pattern.

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