ShowFXworld Media interviews AMDEN Group CEO Michael Stan on CFD regulation safety and strategies for new market penetration

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: How are you doing Mr Michael Stan, I am Jesse from SHOWFXWORLD Media, we are honored to have you here at our ShowFxworld exhibition here at Moscow. To the hundreds of eager to learn audiences here, could you give us a short introduction of yourself and share with us what you know about the CFD market in recent years?

AMDEN Group Michael Stan: Hi everyone, my name is Michael Stan, the founder of Amden Group and I am glad meeting all of you today. My team and I are excited to be here in Moscow, it is an amazing and bustling city. Having been in the Palladium precious metals business for over 20 years, we notice that the Financial derivatives industry is growing rapidly even after the 2019 Subprime market crash. We see a great potential in the growth of the industry and that is why we are now fully committed to develop our own CFD brokerage and fintech business. After hedging our exposures in the CFD market for over 20 years, we have started Amden capital in 2015 to start our journey in Fintech. We have helped numerous companies hedge their exposure in the derivatives market right now and we have also started to expand our business to the retail segment. Being a former strategic member of Norilsk Nickel and chairman of IPMI, I totally understand the importance of a good trading environment and trading platform when it comes to trading the financial markets. I am excited to lead my team to become one of the leading global CFD broker, to first conquer Europe, then to be one of the top brokers across Asia too.

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: Can you tell us more about your experience in the CFD derivatives industry?

AMDEN Group Michael Stan: I was appointed managing director of Amden group since 1997. As we had a lot of exposure in Palladium, we often have to hedge our exposure using CFDs to ensure that we will not be affected drastically when the price of Palladium fluctuates. This is how we got to know about the CFD industry and the reason why we started Amden Capital in 2015.

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: Can you share with us more about the CFD industryright now?

AMDEN Group Michael Stan: Of course, its my pleasure. In recent years, as the global economy progresses, the CFD industry has also grown exponentially. CFD trading has become one of the most popular tools for investments. CFD stands for contract for difference, which allows traders to profit from price differences across various financial products. With leverage, traders can take on bigger positions than traditional bank products, but it serves as a double-edged sword.

CFDs were created back in the 70s, but it only got popular among the retail segment in 1999 when CFD trading was finally opened to them. Over a short 7 year period between 1999 and 2006, CFD trading volume has grown considerably to reach the equivalent of 25% of the total trading volume of the London stock exchange. Besides speculation, CFD also serves as a great hedging tool for corporates who are unable to find a suitable product in the futures market to do hedging. As of today,we see a growing number of reputable brokers to serve this fast-growing market segment.

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: How do we pick a good broker among the many choices out there?

AMDEN Group Michael Stan: There are various aspects to look at, it includes trading software, spreads, regulatory licenses and etc. One of the more important factors traders should pay attention to is whether this particular broker is regulated by any authorities. As long as it is regulated by FCA, ASIC, NFA, FMA or MAS, it should mean that this broker is in good financial standing and your funds will be safe.

A broker regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) will be a great place to start. NFA is rated as a top three regulator and belongs to the AAA/3A grade. NFA continues to launch innovative and effective regulatory programs to maintain the stability of the market and protect the dual interests of enterprises and investors. NFA regulated brokers are often at the forefront of the industry.

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: As for new companies trying to enter the CFD industry, what advice would you give them?

AMDEN Group Michael Stan:

1. It is necessary to build a local operating team, only a local team will understand the needs of the local market and provide support services which caters to the needs of each individual market.
2. Enter each market with a tailored made expansion strategy. Conquer one before expanding to the next. You have limited bullets and just one gun.
3. Build differentiated products and services. Instead of competing on just price, try to compete on customer service experience, withdrawal speed, or build up an academy to educate your clients. Aim to be different so that you can stand out from the crowd of competitors.

SHOWFXWORLD Media Jesse: Thank you for your valuable time and sharing Mr Michael Stan, we look forward to learn from you again in the near future.

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