Families Looking to Balance Work and Home When Both Parents Are Working

Families Looking to Balance Work and Home When Both Parents Are Working

When both parents work, balancing home life and a profession can be quite challenging. In truth, a heavy workload and minimal family time can affect relationships and also your health. Work is actually the highest form of stress. Surveys indicate that forty percent of U.S. workers experience office stress and one-fourth state that work is the largest source of stress in their lives.

Many professionals agree that balancing work and family time is the key to drastically reducing stress and anxiety. What is more, even small changes can make a huge difference to your children and yourself. For more information on this subject, visit https://www.klaschoolsfranchise.com/.

Dinner Time

One of the most important events of the day should include getting together for dinner. It’s an opportune time to talk about your day or address any family issues. Making mealtime a social event actually creates a stronger bond between you and your kids and encourages a more relaxed living space. Likewise sharing meals is good for bonding family members and gives you time to relax, socialize and improve your mental health.

If both parents usually get home late, making dinner can often be a trigger point for arguments. The key is to plan ahead. You can save time and frustration by cooking meals 2-3 days in advance. As well, a team effort with cooking and after-dinner clean-up is essential for a stress-free experience. In truth, team effort will greatly reduce stress and unifies the family.

Have a Special Night

There should always be a special day or night once a week. For instance, Friday night or Saturday afternoons can be dedicated to movies, playtime (Legos, the playground, Frisbee, blocks, trains, etc.), the zoo or a museum, board games, crafts, outdoor activities like swimming and other fun.

Studies show that regular playtime with your children makes them feel special. In addition, playtime with other children outside the family is also important. It teaches children how to be compassionate and flexible. It is also imperative that your child goes to a daycare that supports innovative learning as well as creative and well-organized playtime. A good example of a supreme daycare facility is KLA Schools. This daycare greatly emphasizes kindness and genuine care coupled with expertise and high standards.

An Enjoyable Bedtime Routine

Continuing a bedtime routine is definitely worth the time and effort. In just an hour’s time before bed, children can engage in great learning and adventure. Bedtime is a golden opportunity to nurture and build relationships. It is also the perfect time to snuggle, reflect and talk about what is important to your child. Likewise, structure and repetition help your child feel safe.

Storytime with other children is also encouraged. In fact, experiencing storytime from a unique point of view will get children to open up and ask questions about what life is like for others. It also helps develop empathy. You can contact daycare’s like https://www.klaschoolsfranchise.com/contact/ to ask about their storytime curriculum.

Regardless of the technique you decide to choose, it is important to find a balance between work and family. At times it may not be easy but even the smallest changes will make a huge difference. In fact, spending time with your children will help build a stronger bond and relationship.

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