SIMOF 2019: A borderless future for flamenco fashion

SIMOF 2019: A borderless future for flamenco fashion
The possibility of bringing SIMOF to Dubai is an interesting project for the export of the flamenco dress worldwide.

The 25th edition of SIMOF closed yesterday with a balance that, in the words of Raquel Revuelta – director of Doble Erre and organizer together with FIBES-, “has far exceeded the expectations of participation of stands as well as designers and public affluence”. The Sevillian businesswoman believes that the new content provided by SIMOF Baila and the growth of SIMOF EGO (an alternative and open catwalk) have attracted more atmosphere to the exhibition area. Of the new 2019 flamenco fashion collections, Raquel Revuelta highlights the spectacular staging and festive fabrics such as sequins.

In the future, SIMOF is looking forward to the possibility of exporting the format of the Flamenco fashion catwalk to Dubai. Through the businesswoman and influencer Mona Lindo this unique export route is opened up. “In my country, we don’t have this kind of designs, I’m looking forward to taking them there because I’m sure they will like them”, she replies to ABC de Sevilla. She believes that these potential clients are willing to “pay more money for having unique, elegant and creative dresses”.

According to her, the concept of the flamenco dress worn abroad is that of the classic red dress. Mona Lindo is convinced of being able to celebrate an extension of SIMOF next year in her country, which would mean a media exhibition and the opening of a new and interesting market for the flamenco dress. “I had no idea of the design possibilities it has, of the trends it fuses and of its impressive beauty”, she explains.

It is normal that Mona Lindo is surprised because in this new edition of SIMOF we have continued to play with those limits that magnify flamenco fashion. On the last day, for example, we travelled to the dance floor of Studio 54 in the seventies with Sergy Garrido & Tapiju, but we also travelled with Calandria through the last 100 years of fashion trends. Is it possible to do it with flamenco fashion? The answer is a resounding yes.

In the same space, other brands have joined as the ever elegant and chic Ernesto Sillero, the sweetness of Leticia Lorenzo or the spectacle and creativity of the designs of Miriam Galvín, Rosapeula, and Francisco Tamaral. We also find firms that have found the pulse of their clients and every year show novelties that conquer them, among them are Hermanas Serrano, Yolanda Moda, Mayka Santos, and Atelier Rima. With De Lunares y Volantes and Adelina Infante we analyze the latest trends that will want to be taken from the catwalk to the Real.

The closure of the most special edition of SIMOF, so far, has been carried out by the two associations of flamenco fashion designers. Qlamenco and Mof&Art with collective shows of their creators. The union of their creative minds achieves truly inspiring and exciting fashion shows. Qlamenco, the association chaired by Pedro González, opted for one of its corporate colours, fuchsia. On the catwalk the strength of the combination of the styles of each component of the association was admired and applauded.

As we close this chronicle, Raquel Revuelta and her team are already thinking about what SIMOF 2020 will be like.

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