Unemployed Man Becomes Cleaner and Makes $150,000 in his 1st year

Unemployed Man Becomes Cleaner and Makes $150,000 in his 1st year

Takumi Fuji and his wife Laura from TAK Cleaning Services in Sydney
Unemployed and feeling hopeless, Takumi Olawa was desperate to work and became a cleaner which led to him making over $150,000 in his very first year

Takumi Fuji had a comfortable 9 to 5 job in an office as an IT support specialist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia but had to give it all up to become a stay at home dad to look after his sick son. He had massive difficulty getting back into the workforce after being unemployed for two years but now owns a successful cleaning company in Sydney.

“It was never my intention to start my own cleaning company, 12 years ago, my son was born with a heart condition so needed a lot of care for the first 3 years of his life so my  wife and I quickly realised one of us would have to give up our jobs and naturally it would be me since she was a solicitor and he pay was much higher than mine at the time,” says Takumi with a smile.

His son’s condition slowly improved after two years and Takumi was able to return to work, unfortunately for him (or fortunately) finding one wasn’t so easy. He had been away from the workforce for a good amount of time so both his confidence and skills were lacking. He said that after spending over 6 months applying for over 100 office and IT jobs, he started getting desperate and went door to door at local businesses asking people to hire him, he was willing to take up any job at this time and that is how he finally got a part time job as a night time cleaner for a wholesale bakery in Moore Park NSW.

Takumi says – “My wife was very against it, she didn’t want me to be a cleaner because I think she felt a bit embarassed that her husband had to be reduced to becoming a cleaner and also thought I was wasting all those years I spent in university doing my degree but I didn’t care because  I just wanted to work and I couldn’t wait any longer so I took the job against her will”. He adds, “It sounds silly but I really enjoyed working as a cleaner even though the pay wasn’t that good and the work was labour intensive.”

A few weeks after starting his cleaning job, Takumi was asked by another business down the road to help clean their premises as well. 12 months later he had 12 customers, 2 full time cleaning employees and had started his own Sydney Cleaning Company trading as TAK Cleaning Services with an office in the Sydney suburb of Crows Nest. He earned over $150,000 in that 1st year as a cleaner which was 3 times as much as what he earned in IT and almost double what his wife Laura had earnt as a solicitor.

Today, his cleaning company in Sydney has over 120 clients all over Sydney and provides a range of cleaning services including home cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, builders cleaning, end of lease cleaning and more. Additionally, his wife has quit her job as a solicitor and now works full time in the cleaning business as an office manager.

The vast majority of their clients were gained through word of mouth and Takumi believes the most important part of running a successful cleaning company is to provide a service which adds value to the quality of life of the client.

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