Venezuelan boy creates a ‘Million Dollar Crypto Site’ to raise funds in exchange of publishing the best cryptocurrencies in the market

Raúl Morello, a young technology enthusiast from Venezuela has created the ‘Million Dollar Crypto Site’ to raise funds for implementing ideas that would improve his living conditions and help his community. In exchange for donations on the platform, he will be publishing the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies on his website as well as blockchain-related technology and startups. He is an ambitious guy who has dared to dream amidst his unbearable living situations. His primary objective is to advertise the most popular cryptocurrencies in exchange of pixels in the grid on his website. Morello will use the money raised from the website to develop stunning ideas and publish them in crowdfunding sites, help his community and promote the site in other forums/ websites.

Morello lives and works in Venezuela, where the living conditions are not very ideal. Venezuela is the third most dangerous city in the world with high inflation rates. There are electricity cuts all days of the week and the internet connection is the worst of Latin America, which makes it difficult for anyone to work on any kind of idea or project. Despite all that, Morello completed his degree in Computer Engineering and started building websites and apps to promote his skills. He also has a small computer store where he repairs all kinds of hardware and software problems. “After thinking about what I can do for surviving in my country, I develop some great ideas where I want to publish over Kickstarter and IndieGogo and see if they come into reality, but for that I need money, and hopefully you can help me with that”, says Morello.

In addition, the cost of lawyers, designers, and materials are extremely expensive. With the minimum wage being less than $2 per month, all of the materials need to be imported from other countries. A part of the money raised will also be used to help his family members as his father suffers from Kidney diseases and needs dialysis, which is quite expensive. His friends and teachers are also facing their own problems so they could only help to a certain extent.

Morello believes that technology can be a really effective way to improve the lives of people in a country. He is proving to be an inspiration for the young who dream of becoming the new revelation of technology and make a difference in society. Despite a very few opportunities, he has managed to climb levels and aspires to become a technological master who can impact the lives of people around him.

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