The nation is the world, Self-respect and Rebirth of National Brands!

When it comes to high-end skin care products, most people are impressed by the high-end brands of multinational companies such as L’ORÉAL, Estee Lauder, Shiseido and so on. However, with the financial reports of these multinational companies coming out one after another since 2015, it is not difficult to find that they had difficult past years in China. On the contrary, a lot of domestic brands are on the rise.

According to the consumer index, more than 50% of the fastest growing brands are Chinese brands, and the overall market share of those has surpassed foreign brands by 59%. So, the nation is the world. The market should give more space to national brands, thus Chinese national skin care brands will have bright futures.

SR·R-following the trend, accurately positioning the connotation of casting brand new! 

On January 26, 2019, the domestic luxury skin care brand-SR·R, officially launched in Chengdu, China. On the same day, Tang Shanbing, the Chairman of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the Founder of SR·R; Hu Qingxiang, the Executive President of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the CTO of SR·R; Wang Yonghong, the Director of China Hairdressing & Beauty Association and the Vice President of Sichuan Beauty Industry Association attended the event. Tang Shanbing, the Chairman of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the Founder of SR·R, said that the rapid development of the Internet + era has made information more transparent, technology more people-oriented, and the way for people to grasp the truth more and more convenient.

Meanwhile, it has also made modern women more and more have the ability to dress up for beauty consumption. So, they no longer believe in foreign brands, no longer superstitious so-called authoritative brands, but more believe in their own judgments! Modern ladies’ consumption concepts are more wise, they tend to pay more attention to the practicability of the product itself, as well as the safety and effectiveness of their own! SR·R are born for such a group of rational consumers. We put safety, quality and effect at the same time in the most important position, advocating green health, resisting chemicals, and restoring a peaceful skin! All our products do not add any chemicals. Instead, we extract the essence of plants by carefully selecting effective plants and extracting them by cold pressure extraction.

Tang Shanbing believes that it is the best time for the domestic skin care brand to lay the market foundation, occupy the market share, enhance the brand awareness and influence, and help the domestic cosmetics market to become glorious. In response, Mr. Wang Yonghong, the Director of China Hairdressing & Beauty Association and the Vice President of Sichuan Beauty Industry Association also expressed his great agreement with Tang Shanbing’s idea and wished that SR·R could realize the dream of development and growth as soon as possible, and create a strong national road for high-end skin care brands in China with word of mouth and market.

SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA shines on the market, and gets positive feedback!

In May 2019, SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA, the first product of SR·R, came on the stage with great expectation. In the past few months, through the pre-trial free, trial orders and other unique sales methods that allow consumers to choose independently. In a short period of time, it has won the favor and support of consumers with more than one million people all over the country! Tang Shanbing said that the reason for choosing such a way of marketing is to be responsible to consumers, to make them more active in consumption, to make consumption more secure and autonomous, and to have full confidence in our products. We believe that consumers will voluntarily choose to place orders after approval.

According to some consumers who have used and are using SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA, the packaging of that is environmentally friendly and hygienic. It is very convenient to use at home and travel, and it really improves the skin! Ms. Li, a consumer from Deyang, Sichuan, said that her favorite thing about SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is that it has excellent affinity for the skin. It can make the skin shiny in a short time. People with darker skin like us have a special feeling! Ms. Wang, a consumer from Guangzhou, shared that the most attractive thing about SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is that although it is only a simple smear, but really improves wrinkles. In just half a month, it makes her face skin plump and smooth. Some of the expression lines and dry lines before have obviously become shallow! I can’t believe that I can achieve this result without doing any shaping projects, and I will continue to use it! Ms. Zhang, a pregnant woman from Chengdu, Sichuan, said she loves beauty very much. She has been worrying about what kind of skin care she should use all day since she was pregnant with her second child.

Not long ago, with the recommendation of a friend, she began to use the SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA for pregnant women and lactation, because it had no hormones, no preservatives and no flavor. Ms. Zhang said that at first, she did not hold much hope for the effect of SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA, but felt that it was simple and convenient to use and the skin was comfortable. Unexpectedly, after only one month of use, everyone saw me and said how I became pregnant and beautiful. At first, I did not put the praise on others. In my heart, until one day my eldest and fifteen-year-old son said to me, “Mom, how did your face become tender?” I just sat in front of the mirror and looked at my face carefully. Compared with the previous self-photos, I found that my face became more white and moist, full of luster! I used to think that it was not so easy to wipe any skin care products. The skin was less dry, the skin was too much and could not be absorbed. There was always rubbing mud on the skin! SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA immediately changes from powdery to milky when it touches the skin. A little tapping will absorb it completely! Every time I use it, I am very excited. I haven’t felt that my skin can absorb skin care products so smoothly for a long time. Ms. Zhang’s skin condition, many middle-aged and old friends will have the same problem, for which, Hu Qingxiang, the Executive President of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the CTO of SR·R said that the main reason for this phenomenon is that with the increase of age, skin metabolism level decreases.

Thicker texture, the ability to absorb the effective ingredients in skin care products also decreased! Hu Qingxiang said there are two kinds of products on the market at present. One is healthy, but ineffective; the other is effective, but hormones and other additives are too many, but over time it hurts the skin. SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is a completely healthy skin care without any additions. Its ingredients can pass through the epidermis to the deep skin and protect the skin. At the same time, it softens the cell membrane and makes the cells young. It can prevent the excessive loss of water in the skin and the pollution of the skin by external substances at the same time, so as to achieve a more comprehensive solution. The purpose of skin problems!

SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA has connotation without additions

How does SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA achieve safe and effective? To this end, Ms. Hu Qingxiang, the Executive President of Sichuan Houjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the CTO of SR·R, specializing in research and development of skin care products for many years, said that meticulous selection of high-quality raw materials and strict control of safety production management links are essential factors for good products. But in order to stand out in the market competition and have a place, the brand itself naturally also has a unique core competitiveness!

SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is not only without hormones, no preservatives, even flavors are not added, even pregnant women and breast-feeding can be used at ease, but also has two patented technologies: one is penetration technology, the other is wrapping technology. It can promote the absorption of skin care products such as essence, water and so on, and package the moisture of the skin to prevent the loss of nutrients.

Everyone who has skin care experience knows that skin temperature rises at night, metabolism speeds up, skin absorptivity is 8 times that of daytime, it is the best time to repair and improve skin problems! SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is mainly used for night repair. Among them, purslane, peptide elements, elastin hydrolysate and stem cell extract from apple fruits can help to delay aging and rebuild skin original ability.

According to Ms. Hu Qingxiang, SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA has several core ingredients:


Anti-aging New Star, wakes up skin vitality

Four-dimensional low-temperature extraction of Purslane can increase skin comfort, eliminate free radicals, improve skin comfort, reproduce compact and smooth skin, effectively resist oxygen, accelerate renewal of vitality, in-depth repair, and strengthen the muscular base.

Hyaluronic Acid

World-class moisturizing ingredients to restore skin elasticity

Hyaluronic acid molecule carries more than 500 times of water. It is recognized as a moisturizing ingredient to improve skin nutrition metabolism. It is also a good transdermal absorption enhancer to restore skin elasticity.


Rebuild the structure of sebum moisturizing and maintain skin moisturizing power

Hydrolecithin can greatly increase the hydrophilicity of lecithin, refine pore and improve skin quality, form a water-locking film in the cuticle to enhance skin water retention, and nourish transparent watery muscle.


Special-effect vitality, understanding the way of youth

Accelerate the growth cycle of cells, keep the new strength of cells at all times, soften the keratin, promote the hydration ability of the stratum corneum, absorb water adequately, and make the skin smooth, moist, transparent and flexible.


Bio-Secret trehalose reshapes skin’s young power

Bio-phytoextraction technology extracts trehalose, scavenges free radicals and stabilizes antioxidant polyphenols, protects skin cell DNA from radiation-induced damage, penetrates and absorbs, deeply moisturizes, stimulates cell vitality, and gives skin SPA-level enjoyment.

Titanium Element

Reversing the miracle of time and reproducing the vitality of skin

Acetyl tetrathium-5 can inhibit collagen glycation, prevent collagen aging, aggregation, improve skin elasticity and smoothness; Pentapeptide-1 can promote collagen production, repair damaged skin, improve skin elasticity, and make skin full of vitality.

Hydrolyzed Elastin

Perfect the reticular structure of muscular floor and reproduce the original elasticity of skin

More than 70% collagen and 2% elastin constitute the dermis. Elastin exists between collagen fibers, forming a continuous network structure from basement membrane to subcutaneous tissue, which enables the skin to stretch and fold. Its function is like a spring in the mattress, which is responsible for maintaining and supporting the elasticity of the skin.

Stem Cell Extracts from Apple Fruit

Apple fruit researches miracle breaks skin mystery, giving the skin force renewal

Selection of four-dimensional low-temperature extraction of apple fruit stem cells, decode the mystery of apple long-term fresh-keeping, to preserve the mystery of fresh and resist free radicals, enhance skin gloss from the bottom of the muscle, weaken melanin to form a natural anti-black barrier, from inside to outside to re-create white skin.

3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Also known as ethyl VC, it is a stable and efficient VC derivative.

Inhibition of melanin production, promotion of collagen synthesis, strong antioxidant effect, from the cuticle into the dermis to improve skin luster, effectively eliminate free radicals to give skin elasticity and transparency.

Ms. Hu Qingxiang said that because of the addition of these star skin care ingredients and high-tech refining and synthesis technology, SR·R SKIN CODE PRUINA is not only security without additions, but also can be used in the shortest 7 days (according to the current market consumer use statistics) to achieve the effect of reducing pores, smoothing wrinkles. The effect is obvious whitening and brightening skin within one month, meanwhile repairing the damaged skin!

The Birth of China Brand Day, Self-respect and Rebirth of National Brand!

On May 10, 2017, we ushered in the first “China Brand Day”. With the approval of the State Council, we established May 10 as “China Brand Day” every year from then on. The establishment of this festival affirms the leading role of brand building in promoting China’s economic and social development at the national level, but also reflects the urgency of brand building, marking that brand strategy has risen to an unprecedented height, which is precisely the era of innovation, laying a new foundation and opening a new situation for domestic independent brands.

At present, the state vigorously develops mass innovation and entrepreneurship, combines the “Internet +” thinking with the consumer demand of the people’s livelihood, and provides a continuous source of power for the supply side reform. Good brands grow in severe market competition. As the regulatory industry embarks on a healthy and orderly road, the competition of compliance platform has ushered in an important moment, and the importance of brand building will become one of the key points to win. Over the past two years, many domestic brands are on the rise.

With the development of the whole region, it is also a historic opportunity for Chinese brands to occupy the global highlands. At present, Sichuan is implementing the “Sichuan brand” famous brand creation action, taking the trend of “The Belt and Road”, so that “Chuan” products could sell well in the domestic and foreign markets. We expect that SR·R will build China’s own skin care brand aircraft carrier to conquer the global market, let the world see China!

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