MoreGreen Pyrolysis Plant Offers An Effective Solution For Battling Black Pollution Caused By Waste Tires

MoreGreen, a leading environmental protection equipment manufacturer from China, recently introduced an effective solution for fighting Black Pollution caused by waste tires.

MoreGreen (Henan) Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, referred as MoreGreen, now offers an effective solution for fighting ‘Black Pollution’, which is primarily caused by waste tires. According to the owners, the MoreGreen pyrolysis plant is effective in decomposing plastic and rubber waste into oil vapour using pyrolysis technology. The owners of the waste to energy equipment manufacturing company maintained that the oil vapour first enters the cooling system via a separator that separates oil and gas. Therefore, the oil flows into the oil reservoir, and the gas reaches the chief primary furnace.

“Waste tires cause ‘black pollution’, and the recycling of these tires is of paramount importance. Globally, there were one billion used tires last year, and the number is increasing by leaps and bounds. The enormous amount of plastic and rubber wastes are posing a threat to the environment. Our pyrolysis plant can digest the waste and can convert the waste to energy as well. The waste can be effectively reused and recycled”, said a sales executive of MoreGreen.

MoreGreen has been collaborating with leading science research institutions to come up with innovative solutions for tackling black pollution. The owners of the company claimed that the pyrolysis technology has already reached international level and added that the equipment is totally safe and environment-friendly, besides being productive and effective.

“Pyrolysis is defined as the decomposition of various organic substances when they reach certain temperature and pressure conditions. Organic compounds are generally thermally instable, which is a big reason why these macromolecular compounds can be easily converted into liquid, gaseous and solid compounds”, added the executive.

The CEO and managing director of the company said, “Besides offering charcoal making machine, we have now started offering three different types of pyrolysis plants, namely Batch, Semi-Continuous, and Fully-Continuous plants. All of the plants are highly efficient, can guarantee stable and safe performance, and are easy to operate. We believe that the compact design layout, easy operation and small carbon footprint of the pyrolysis plants would give us the competitive edge in the waste-to-energy market segment. We can also offer customized equipment to our clients worldwide.”

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MoreGreen is a waste to energy equipment manufacturer nestled in China.

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