YBG Digital Currency Exchange receives UK digital currency exchange license

YBG Digital Currency Exchange is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange and has obtained a digital currency exchange license issued by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which means that all trading activities on YBG are legal. The compliance is carried out to ensure the security of the transaction to the greatest extent. The license will mean that YBG will operate as a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange and become one of the first exchanges to receive such licenses.

YBG is a distributed, centralized exchange that aims to create a more transparent, secure and liquid digital asset trading platform than today’s centralized market. YBG is an ecosystem that is built and operated by decentralized networks around the world by like-minded partners. At its core is the Graphene blockchain engine, which is efficient and secure and can be extended at a rate of 100,000 transactions per second through a proof of equity mechanism.

The UK actively embraced blockchain technology, not only pioneering the digital currency tax bill at the national conference, but also announced the launch of securities token trading, the world’s first stock exchange to issue tokenized securities.

As a cryptocurrency-friendly country, the UK announced a tightening of its licensing policy as countries tightened their regulatory review of AML and KYC procedures. As soon as the policy was announced, many exchanges were rejected, but YBG successfully obtained the license issued by FSA with professional compliance operation experience, complete anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism financing (CTF) and fraud prevention measures, further explaining YBG. We have always been strict with our compliance standards, and we are committed to making continuous efforts to ensure the interests of our platform users.

Licensed operations are of great significance to the current exchanges, with official licenses from relevant countries, as well as the political strength and credit of the exchange itself. Licenses are also a natural screening barrier for today’s ubiquitous exchanges. For users, compliance under regulatory conditions is a big plus, which means that users’ investments will be legally protected.

At present, YBG is actively exploring the global market and hopes to provide safe and convenient digital asset trading services to more users around the world.

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