DCW Casing Offers the Highest Quality of Artificial Sausage Casings for Commercial Use

DCW Casing Offers the Highest Quality of Artificial Sausage Casings for Commercial Use

Mt. Vernon, NY – DCW Casing is a partnership formed from three of the most reputable companies in the natural casing industry.  As a joined entity, DAT-Schaub, Casing Associates and Wolfson Casing, have the largest array of natural and artificial casing products worldwide. DCW Casing performs a unique process, by having a high control of their products at every step, from the raw material through selection and fulfillment.

Regarding their company, the spokesperson for DCW Casing said, “Our company understands the responsibility that comes with being #1 in our industry. We also know that as the main suppliers of natural and artificial coating, we must maintain high standards of the selection of our raw material, as well as its treatment and distribution. We guarantee products 100% in perfect condition, to ensure our buyers that their production will not be affected by our negligence.”

DCW Casing works with several thousand customers worldwide from major distributors to local sausage makers, manufacturing the largest strand casings in the world which have the ability to produce up to 3,400 pounds per hour on a single horn stuffing machine. Their company prides themselves on producing the best quality products worldwide. Their highly qualified staff has an assigned mission of producing under their “Zero Hole Policy”, which means that their staff makes sure that the products do not contain any holes, which represents a great time saving for sausage makers and consequently less reduction of their production. 

With over 250 years of combined experience, their company offers a variety of natural and artificial sausage casings including hog casings, ship casings, beef casings, collagen casings, and plastic casings. DCW Casing is the largest purchaser of North American casings raw material worldwide. Their company has the highest standards when selecting their materials since these need to meet some non-negotiable characteristics such as high transparency and a clear and white appearance. 

In addition to their larger market, their company also carries a wide variety of other artificial products including cellulose casings, which are suitable for skinless sausage and hotdogs; fibrous, which is ideal for dried and smoked sausages, cooked ham and more; Genoa Sacs for Genoas Salami, laminated hog casings, hog middle and more. When using artificial sausage casings from DCW Casing, it provides great advantages to sausage makers since the quality of the DCW Casing allows them to invest more time in their production without having to stop because of defective casing.

Along with all their years of experience, their company has all the necessary certifications that enable them as a company to be in compliance with national and international standards of quality. Their company’certifications include BCR Food Certification, FDA, HACCP Certified, and USDA.

DCW Casing is located at 700 S Fulton Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550. For inquiries, contact their team via phone at (914) 668-9000 or via email at [email protected]. Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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