American Management University (AMU) Is Providing World-Class Advanced Degree Programs at Affordable Fees

American Management University (AMU) Is Providing World-Class Advanced Degree Programs at Affordable Fees
AMU staffs a pool of lecturers who hold a Master’s Degree or above from Western Universities such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and more. In addition, lecturers are expected to have significant experience in their fields of study.

West Covina, California – September 5, 2019 – In this Digital Age, persons with College Degrees and especially Advanced College Degrees like Master of Business Administration, (MBA), are the people who make the most money. 

Unfortunately, the Western education system has created a two-tier education system. Those who are willing to stick their necks out and take on a mountain of Tuition Debt which will plague them for many years to come. Others who cannot qualify for such College Loans or are afraid to take on the debt load will have to accept a lesser quality education for the most part. 

All that is changed thanks to American Management University. It is now possible to pursue and receive a College Degree or Advanced Degree at surprisingly low rates and in a short period of time. This program is not to be confused with Online Fake Diploma Sites. This is the real thing with Accredited Degrees. 

There are students all over the world who desire an opportunity to receive a quality, American education. AMU gives international students this chance to study with American lecturers and interact with other students from all over the world. 

AMU offers the following programs: 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Is geared to provide students with a foundation of knowledge to be successful working in various facets of business. Dedicated students can complete this program in as little as three years, by taking one course at a time each month. If a student previously studied at another university, college, or trade school, it is possible for a student to transfer in up to 75% of the required courses to save time and money. 
  • Master of Business Administration: Geared towards professionals with at least two years of management experience. The MBA is available to help experienced managers transcend into leaders of organizations. 
  • Master’s in management: Geared towards individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree but want to acquire the necessary knowledge to be more successful in their first management roles. Students of the MiM program may or may not have work experience. 

Both Master’s Programs can be completed in as little as one year. Students enroll in 1 to 2 courses per 8-week term. In addition, students have the option to tailor their graduate degrees to their needs. These specialties include: Finance, Marketing, International Management, Project Management, Leadership, Healthcare Administration, or General Management. Specialties do not lengthen the program of study; they are built into the program.   

Founded in 2018, American Management University’s mission is to offer the world a quality higher education, at an affordable price, with flexible options to fit the diverse needs that exist. Currently, AMU has students from Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, and Somalia. Enrollment of new students has begun and with students hailing from Canada, Seychelles, and other areas of Asia. American Management University accepts applications from anywhere in the world. 

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