Michael Chandler’s TSCM Book & Course to go on a Global Tour

After the huge success of the book and online training course at Vanquish Training Academy, they finally decided to launch their global book tour.

Vanquish Training Academy, a company offering surveillance and close protection training courses is pleased to announce that their TSCM Training Course is anticipated to go on a worldwide tour. After the massive success of the book Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, the training company finally decided to take the highly sought-after and world-class 3-day TSCM/bug sweeping training on an international tour.

Earlier this year, Vanquish Training Academy released a book and online training course. They are selling very well, and as a result, they have decided to take the non-online version of the course on an international tour. The course that people attend in person has been in existence since 2013.

The first course will start in London, and it will be followed by Toronto. From Toronto to New York City, New York City to Las Vegas and then across to Los Angeles where the North American portion of the tour will conclude. The tour will also travel to Hong Kong. From there, it will proceed to Sydney. From Sydney, the training course will transport to, and it will be held in Mumbai. From there to Dubai and ultimately, from Dubai to Accra where the tour will end.

Every course will be taught in English by Michael Chandler, who is the author of the book. He will be giving free copies of his book to all attendees. The exclusive comprehensive course will include wiretaps, covert or hidden cameras, recording devices, listening devices, R&R of a TSCM operative as well as vehicle tracking devices combined along with vehicle search methods.

What’s more, the course will provide an all-encompassing insight as to how cellular signals, radio frequencies, and GPS function so one could determine how to look for them through the different search equipment accessible to them.

Attendees of the tour will also take advantage from lessons in Handling Evidence, Thermal Energy, X-Ray Photography, Forensic Awareness, Tablet, Laptop & PC Spyware, Mobile Phone Spy Software and how the intelligence is populated.

“I am looking forward to visiting each city where the temperature will be considerably hotter than back home at the time of visiting,” says the author Michael Chandler.

It is announced that it will only be one course in every city and there will be limited seats available. Booking ahead of time is suggested. Interested participants of the course can visit their official website today at www.vanquishacademy.com

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Vanquish Training Academy is known for having the world’s first “application only’ bodyguard training course in the private sector and is part of Vanquish Security, a company that provides personal security to high net-worth individuals and families.

To learn more about the world book tour, call Natasha Mehay at 0800 619 8128 or send her an email at [email protected].

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