Cutting-edge water-scooter, Asiwo Turbo launched on Indiegogo

ASIWO TURBO is a cutting-edge water scooter that assures more exciting water rides than ever with its industry-leading features like 2*600W drive power, super-fast start, hydrodynamics design, and so on. 

Something exciting on the front of water sports. Leading Chinese intelligent electronic transportation company, E-Link, has introduced a next-generation water-scooter on Indiegogo. Titled “Seascooter,” the state of the art water-scooter is powered by innovative features to assure a faster, smoother and more enjoyable drive on the vast ocean.

ASIWO TURBO is designed with innovative low power main control chip and in-built 6*500W drive power that ensures a much faster start compared to regular water-scooters. Users will be able to start the scooter and scoot off for a free ocean ride in just 2 seconds only. 

ASIWO TURBO  also stands out with its advanced 3-gear speed. It will start immediately once the user presses both sides down. For a quick speed up, one will simply have to double-click with the right hand, and it will instantly raise one gear. It’s equally simple when one has to slow down a bit. A user here would have to double-click with his left hand and immediately the speed will drop down by one gear. The gear can be adjusted as per the specific needs of the user in fast or low water flow. 

“We are excited to bring to you our new advanced water-scooter ‘Seascooter.’ Designed strategically according to the principles of hydrodynamics, our state of the art vehicle assures lightweight and a classy, sleek contour. Its streamlined design successfully reduces the resistance and noise to ensure a smooth ride on the water. The product is backed by extensive R&D, and we have spent months and deployed the finest of engineers to develop a genuinely cutting-edge product,” stated a leading spokesperson from E-Link.

The spokesperson also mentioned about the advanced low power main control chip of Seascooter, which allows reduced power consumption yet without compromising on the quality of drive across the sea. The latest new-age water-scooter also features ergonomically-designed handles that fit snugly into the palm to ensure a firm grip and safe ride.

While approached further, the spokesperson stressed the innovative buoyancy chamber design of the water-scooter that helps it to stay afloat even when it runs out of power. This way, the scooter will be easily visible on the water so that it can be spotted fast. 

The spokesperson highlighted the main features of ASIWO TURBO:

  • Advanced water-scooter with in-built 2*600W drive power 
  • Extremely quick startup in just seconds
  • 3 gears speed for easy and fast-speed adjustment
  • Ergonomic handlebars made for a comfortable grip
  • Advanced Hydromechanical layout that features a streamlined design with elegant lines 
  • Lightweight body and less resistance.
  • Low power consumption and less noise
  • Adopts floating pad buoyancy chamber design that allows the scooter to stay afloat on the water even during a power outage
  • Innovative buckle battery design for safety and user convenience
  • Longer standby-time

ASIWO TURBO is something that you have never seen in the water. It will make your water rides even more fun and enjoyable. But, such an ambitious project demands robust financial backup and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring ASIWO TURBO to life and make scooter rides on the water more thrilling than ever.”

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