API service platform unveiled at the United Nations’ Conference, create a benchmark in the era of smart economy

From August 26th to 28th, US time, the 68th UN Civil Society Conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA with the theme of “Building Inclusive Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

The annual session of the United Nations Conference on Non-Governmental Organizations attracts thousands of representatives of non-governmental organizations, academia, the public and private sectors, and other youth leaders from around the world to discuss key issues related to the current agenda of the United Nations. Yotokko Kilpatrick, CEO of International API Factory, was invited as a representative of outstanding organizations in the field of digital technology to attend the conference.

Co-sponsored by the UN Global Communications Department, Salt Lake City and the NGO Executive Committee, the conference is the premier event on the calendar of UN NGOs and the highest level NGO conference in the world. This is an important way for the United Nations to practice the participation of civil society in the affairs of the United Nations. It has received strong support from the past Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the General Assembly.

The agenda of the conference includes topics such as NGO seminars, exhibitions, youth events, and roundtables. Non-governmental organization experts, scholars and relevant people from different fields around the world exchange ideas and experiences, share work results, establish cooperative relationships, and unify cooperation goals.

Yotokko Kilpatrick, CEO of International API Factory, was the representative of the outstanding technology and technology organization, and delivered a keynote speech at the conference’s digital economy integration and innovation design sub-forum. By sharing the global development and technological innovation of the API, as well as the development plans and goals of the API in the next three stages, it demonstrates the future trends of technology development in the context of globalization, as well as the mission responsibilities and development direction of relevant enterprises and organizations.

Yotokko Kilpatrick mentioned in the theme forum that the API will be integrated into the four phases of cloud pool, cloud field, cloud gather and cloud stack through the foundation of the first phase. And technically meet the integration requirements of computing power, algorithms and data, realize the industrialization of the blockchain of data economy, and fully meet the arrival of the intelligent business era, in order to enhance the production efficiency and opportunities for wealth creation in various industries.

When all areas of the world are attracted by the trend of blockchain and technological advantages, but at the same time are troubled by the lack of practical application value, the API service platform hopes to set a benchmark for application value for the blockchain era and become the most widely used public chain.

According to statistics, there are currently 5,398 registered NGOs in the United Nations, and the international API factory represents the API service platform to send invitations to all organizations. We hope that more and more technicians and organizations will join the API developer alliance to create more tool flows and application scenarios. Let more programmers, companies and individuals who could not participate in the blockchain have the opportunity to participate in and share the feast of the blockchain era.

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