CYCJET UV Fly Laser Printer is applied to a book one code system to solve the pain points of the book industry

Education publishing, professional publishing and mass publishing are the three major forms of modern publishing industry. As an important part of educational publishing, teaching assistants can’t get rid of some problems in the existence of our book industry.

01 Cross Region Sale problem

Cross Region Sale goods, also known as dumping goods, rushing goods, that is, product sales across the region, it is a typical manifestation of channel conflicts. There are dumping problems in the market’s well-supplied teaching aids. Some distributors seize the inclination of publishers’ incentive policies, rushing everywhere, giving the publisher an impression of a fake “big family”. The harm of such malicious goods to publishers is enormous. It disrupts the price system of the entire marketing network, easily triggers discount wars, reduces channel profits, and causes distributors in the goods-sold areas to lose confidence and lead to suppliers’ products. And the brand lost the market.

02 Piracy problem

As a traditional problem in the book industry, because of the low difficulty of illegal technology and the low cost of crime, the issue of copyright infringement based on pirated books has not been solved for decades. If the problem of stocking goods is that someone has drilled a loophole in the industry norm, then this kind of illegality is a violation of the law in the true sense and a provocation against the national copyright-related legal system. However, under the influence of interests, there are still people who will choose to “make the wind to commit crimes.”

In response to the current situation of the teaching aid industry, CYCJET has launched a one-code anti-counterfeiting anti-smuggling solution. It provides a comprehensive solution integrating anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling and quality supervision. It adopts the coding method of online coding of UV laser marking machine, and relies on CYCJET one-code-variable two-dimensional code technology to realize reader scanning code query. Enterprise anti-smuggling control, genuine protection, quality traceability, while preserving scan code data, increase the function expansion of big data analysis, help enterprises understand the distribution of terminal readers.

One book one code implementation process: (digital code)

One book one code implementation process: (two-dimensional code)

CYCJET one book one code anti-counterfeiting anti-smashing goods comprehensive management platform features:

01 anti-smashing anti-piracy version

Based on one object and one code, the uniqueness of the product identification is realized. The consumer scan code can query the book information and the authenticity, realize the genuine protection for the enterprise, and realize the safe consumption for the reader user.

The platform associates the two-dimensional code of the book with the box code, and keeps track of the receipt, delivery and distribution records of the book. The market inspectors can scan the code to view it. At the same time, the system automatically records the position information after the student scans the code, and the dealer distributes the range. Compare, generate a suspected stock report.

02 quality traceability

Through the code tracking control of a book and a code, you can fully grasp the production process and circulation records of the book. When quality problems occur, you can quickly track the source and scope of the problem, and determine the batch, processing machine and workshop of the problem product. Warehouse management records, circulation range, etc., to achieve rapid response and processing.

03 Big data analysis

The platform provides a multi-dimensional big data analysis module. Enterprises can grasp the sales of various books in different regions and the sales proportion of various books in a fixed area according to the reader’s query data. At the same time, the distribution of readers can be obtained through scan code. Purchase intent and other information.

04 value-added function

The scan code page can add suction inlets, such as corporate promotions, course recommendations, activation of free access to courses, and teacher online.

CYCJET one book one yard anti-counterfeiting anti-smuggling goods comprehensive management program assignment method: exclusive UV laser online coding system

Why recommend UV laser coding machine?

The shortcomings of several book assignment forms:

1, label assignment

The label printed with the anti-smashing item number is easily destroyed by the dealer, and the labeling labor cost is high.

2, code assignment code

It has a great impact on the existing production process of the printing plant, adding a large number of complicated processes and long-term ink consumables costs.


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