Secret training of leaders, transformation road from You Bank believers to preachers

From August 17 to 19, dozens of outstanding You Bank international community opinion leaders from many countries around the world quietly gathered at Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, and started a three-day “leader’s secret training” course. During the three days, they embarked on an in-depth learning journey around the leader’s personal energy enhancement, analysis of global economic trends, and the strategic layout of You Bank’s globalization. This leader’s secret  training closely links You Bank with the trend of block chain, business and people (leaders) to lock in You Bank’s global business development layout.

I. Strengthen cognition, and firmly believe with achievements

This round of leader’s secret training adopts the method of community recommendation and targeted invitation. The purpose is to strengthen community leaders’ understanding of You Bank through a three-day closed-door training, enhance community leaders’ leadership, strengthen community consensus, and lay a good mass foundation for Your Bank’s next strategic layout.

In the early period, the mentor greatly strengthened the confidence of the community leaders in You Bank by introducing the current business scale and outstanding achievements of You Bank to the community leaders.

Community leaders have learned that You Bank currently manages more than 60000BTC assets and provides users with an expected monthly return of up to 6%-20%, equivalent to an annualized return of 72%-240%, through quantitative transactions and comprehensive investments. Compared with the  annualized return rate of 1.5-2% of traditional financial management, You Bank’s return is dozens or hundreds of times that of the former. This is why You Bank can attract the unanimous trust of users from different countries in the world.

The ultra-high rate of return has also become a strong source of confidence for many community leaders present here. The qualities of leaders come from the insights into opportunities that ordinary people cannot.

II. Systematic cognition of You Bank, private cognition of preachers

On the way of evolution from believers to preachers, community leaders not only need to know about the current situation of You Bank, but also need to have a macro and in-depth understanding of You Bank’s overall layout and future strategy, and to establish their own unique thinking mode in order to better preach to You Bank.

In order to help community leaders to have a more comprehensive understanding of You Bank’s strategic layout, the mentors have deeply analyzed You Bank’s investment strategy of combining digital assets with traditional industries, pulling community leaders’ eyes back from digital assets to the entity economy.

You Bank’s investment strategy consists of five sectors, covering finance, industry, games, Internet celebrity economy, industry and finance, etc., and it aims at empowering more traditional industries using the wealth of digital assets increment, ensuring the rate of return and security of digital assets through efficient operation of capital.

The new business model “blockchain + physical industry” proposed by You Bank proved to be effective. The representatives of the participating communities expressed their deep recognition of the next economic trend of You Bank representatives. With the deeper understanding of You Bank, the decision of preaching You Bank became solider. 

. Advance layout to train the new global business leaders of the next era

Most of the opportunities for all business trends belong to early participants, You Bank represents the next business trend while opportunities belong to the early preachers. The secret training for leaders is not only to train a group of preachers, but to cultivate a group of business leaders for the new business of the future.

To this end, community leaders must be aware of the next commercial landscape of You Bank. The mentors will explain to the community leaders the prototype of the business empire that You Bank is preparing to build.

The universal credential of You Bank is YBT, and currently YBT supports the payment of clothing, food, housing, and transportation covered in You Bank business landscape. The payment covers catering, car reservation, hotel, takeaway, tourism, real estate and other fields. At the same time, You Bank has also connected with e-commerce, hydropower, coal, high-speed rail, airport and other life scenarios, making YBT payment ubiquitous.

The application scenario is still expanding with the deepening of You Bank’s layout, a business empire based on You Bank, users, and YBT is slowly taking shape.

From now on, You Bank plans to spend ten years time of leading the market with business insights to lay out the business commanding heights of the next era, the new business leaders of the next 20 years will also emerge from the business system of You Bank.

The three-day intensive leadership training is actually a secret mission where a group of community leaders from all over the world take You Bank as the core to deepen their understanding, build consensus and plan the future business map. Its influence will be gradually perceived by us in the future.

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