LinkChain’s High-performance Anonymity Captures Wide Attention at the High-end Digital Finance Ecosystem Conference 2019

On September 5, a high-end digital finance conference co-hosted by ZB Group’s think tank ZB Nexus, Nova Club and FINWEX opened in Shanghai. It is a large gathering of crypto assets investors and blockchain project owners that aims to consolidate blockchain ecosystem resources and drive and empower the digital finance sector.

As a leading company in China’s public blockchain sector, LinkChain has been invited to share the business values and commercial implementations of the LinkChain technology.

The World’s “Top Commercial Public Blockchain” Designed for Anonymity and Business Privacy

LinkChain is understood to have launched proprietary technologies such as the unique anonymous dual-account model to meet the practical needs for blockchain-based commercial applications. Meanwhile, LinkChain has made remarkable headway in creating a closed-loop ecosystem, making it a focus of industry attention.

Privacy protection is a key aspect of any business scenario, especially in digital finance. It is not just about personal data protection, but also a precondition for the market to compete freely. Traditional blockchains have been known for transparency and openness. However, the lack of privacy of transaction data has made it difficult for further adoption in real-world scenarios.

Zcash and Monero are public blockchains that focus on privacy protection. However, the application scenarios for these platforms are relatively limited due to low performance and non-Turing completeness. The newly released “Zhenghe” version of LinkChain comes with privacy protection features in an attempt to solve these problems. The LinkChain solution uses a “ring signature + zero-knowledge proof” approach to hiding addresses and amounts and improves transaction verification and user experience from the aspects of consensus algorithm, multi-chain architecture, parallelism, hardware acceleration, etc.

The fact that LinkChain supports both public and anonymous transactions makes it possible to serve almost every scenario of commercial applications, especially highly-sensitive financial scenarios.

Based on the proprietary EBFT algorithm, LinkChain offers high throughput, low latency and strong consistency with unlimited scalability to support a vast user base and a huge amount of transaction requests in business and financial scenarios. Currently, LinkChain can confirm any transaction in no more than 3 seconds.

Leveraging its technological advantages, LinkChain has joined efforts to create a new closed-loop “blockchain + shared computing” ecosystem that helps Internet users share idle resources through smart devices. This shared computing ecosystem reportedly consists of more than 1.5 million nodes to create a 30T bandwidth, 1,500PB storage space and serve a number of Internet companies including iQiyi and Youku.

Users are rewarded in LinkTokens(LTK) for sharing bandwidth and storage resources and LTK are accepted in the LinkToken Mall. Gains from serving Internet companies go into the whole LTK ecosystem to form a complete closed-loop business model.

The first validator nodes empower LinkChain ecosystem

With the vision to create “the world’s No.1 commercial-grade public blockchain”, LinkChain is now pushing ahead with blockchain-based commercial applications, apart from designing and preparing for the underlying technology and business architecture.

On July 23, LinkChain Tech and Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club reached an agreement on transfer of digital assets. In this deal, 36% stock rights of the Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club will be transferred to LinkChain Tech with 260 million LTK pricing LTK as 10 yuan, marking the world’s largest deal involving the transfer of digital assets into real assets. This deal will allow LinkChain Tech to tap into marine economy and tourism property applications, extend the existing ecosystem to the Greater Bay Area and empower the blockchain-based implementations in the Greater Bay Area.

In addition to cloud computing, LinkChain and LTK are seeing wider adoption in new retailing scenarios. Chaoyouhui (CYH), a shopping app launched this year, is designed to integrate loyalty programs, using LinkChain’s underlying technology and LTK incentive schemes. Now, CYH has been deployed in more than 600 outlets in two cities with 80,000+ users in each city. It helps bolster customer loyalty and customer retention and encourage consumers to convert from online shopping to physical stores and, in turn, boost the real economy.

Meanwhile, LinkChain completed the first round of validator node recruitment at the end of August, attracting a large number of teams from capital, media and miners. As shown on the voting site, the campaign has received nearly 160 million votes and more than 60 million LTKs in deposit. The winning nodes are LTK Fan, LTK 100, ADAF, Huameng Capital and Xingronghe Tech. These validator nodes will generate blocks, receive bonuses in LTK and participate in the operations of LinkChain by initiating proposals or voting on the proposals as an important part of the LinkChain ecosystem.

In addition, an upgrade of “Zhenghe” will be launched in late September. By then, LinkChain will recruit white-hat hackers from all over the world with great rewards to discover technical vulnerabilities to maintain the security and stability of the public blockchain. LinkChain will work with the five selected nodes to launch the trial run of this new version. Meanwhile, LTK users will play an active role in community governance and ecosystem building as a member of the community or even the community governing body.

With the vision to “create the world’s top commercial public blockchain”, LinkChain will continue to explore blockchain-based commercial applications and empower the real economy. LinkChain is expected to accommodate many more international commercial and trading scenarios in the future. It won’t be long before high-performance anonymous transactions of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are processed through LinkChain. The global presence of the LinkChain ecosystem will then be taking shape.

About LinkChain Tech

As a leading technological innovator, LinkChain Tech is committed to technological breakthroughs in the realm of blockchain, cloud computing and digital citizenship and economy. LinkChain is a brand new public chain created by LinkChain Tech, carrying LinkToken, LinkToken Pocket, LinkToken Mall and other businesses, committed to be the world’s top commercial public blockchain, providing fast and secure blockchain infrastructure for various applications, especially those require privacy.

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