From Follower to Leader, TCL Wins IDG Award Once Again and Showcases its Innovation Vitality

Breaking through innovation barriers, TCL, a leader in cutting-edge technology receives repeated recognition by IDG

IFA 2019, one of the world’s largest electronics product expos, was recently held in Berlin, Germany. TCL was present and brought along its lineup of smart products and technological innovations. Especially worth mentioning is that the TCL X10/C11 QLED TV (C11 is known as X10 in overseas markets) and the TCL X10 washing machine won the prestigious “Home Theater Gold Award” and the “Anti-Pollution and Separate Washing Innovation Gold Award” respectively, which was given by IDG and GIC. This fully demonstrates TCL’s technical capabilities and innovation vitality in cutting-edge technologies!

The TCL X10/C11 QLED TV uses leading full 8K technology and the QLED display panel uses quantum dot nanoscale display technology to display in 157% ultra-high gamut and 1.7 billion colors. The Mini LED micron-level light control system realizes higher contrast and better image quality. The TCL X10/C11 QLED TV has a built-in Dolby + DTS dual audio decoding engine and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, as well as Dolby VISION.ATMOS, for the industry’s highest-end audio and video playback technology. It has been reported that this TV is the first family 8K cinema TV created in collaboration with IMAX in the Chinese market and can provide users with the world’s best audio and video content and services.

The TCL X10 washing machine, which uses smart technology to give new meaning to “lifestyle” was also well received by the industry. The TCL X10 washing machine has a 12.3” ultra-large TFT touch screen, and uses ultrasound cleaning which is a breakthrough compared to existing washing technologies. It is a washing machine that can be used to clean glasses, jewelery, and wearable devices. It is also the first no-door pollution-free multiple-drum washing machine in China that is 100% pollution-free, so you can say goodbye to all the dirt. Users can use AI-powered voice interaction, mobile app or the large touch screen to operate the washing machine. Operation of the machine is livened with technology and makes life much more fun. In particular, when using voice commands, the lights on the glass panel responds, giving it a futuristic feel. Furthermore, the TCL X10 washing machine also features a smart washing ecosystem created in conjunction with Procter and Gamble which uses smart technology that takes esoteric art and incorporates it into every moment of life.

In the 9 years of participating in IFA, TCL has always brought out the most stunning innovative products for its worldwide consumers. This is because throughout its journey towards the global smart technology industry, TCL has always been driven by technology. For many years, TCL has invested over 4% of its revenue back into R&D. TCL has already invested several billion yuan and spent 6 years into research and development into next generation semiconductor display technologies, in particular, printed display and QLED quantum dot technology. It is currently the world leader in these fields. It is understood that TCL has currently established its four main strategic technological development areas as: artificial intelligence, 5G communication, new semiconductor display technologies, and smart manufacturing and industry internet. You can say that this commitment to technology has allowed TCL to gradually transform from being a “follower” of innovation, to becoming the industry’s “leader”!

Starting with its 9 square meter booth at the World Technology Fair, to becoming regulars at IFA in Germany, CES in the US, AWE in China, and other world class expos, TCL has gradually made its name known to consumers worldwide, and has shown the world that China’s industry is fully capable of producing high-end, innovative, and leading smart technology products, and has taken the lead in the industry’s development. TCL is currently on the same stage as a countless number of great companies, and is utilizing Chinese-style innovation to complete in the global technology arena.

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