Authenticate Pro Launches Authentication Guarantee After Successful Beta Test

Authenticate Pro Launches Authentication Guarantee After Successful Beta Test

Ray Salem CEO and James W. Operations Manager
Authenticate Pro’s patent pending process brings buyers, sellers, and experts together when making a brand name purchase.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA – September 6, 2019 – Authenticate Pro launches it’s service after almost two years of testing the market. Authenticate Pro Beta test included the following companies which included Clothes Mentor, Authenticate Pro is in 2 of their 187 stores, with resulting one off the stores increasing their sales by 49% the next month, by giving peace of mind to the consumers. They where also in Platos Closet, Authenticate Pro was in 1 of 442 stores, as a result, the store went to no. 1 in sales on Black Friday.

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Authenticate Pro provides a simple and unique authentication process to provide the peace of mind for buyers and to enable sellers to differentiate themselves in the e-commerce brick and mortar retail marketplace. The counterfeit industry is estimated to be $1.7 Trillion as of 2017 and is expected to reach $2.8 Trillion by 2022.

Authenticate Pro’s patent pending process brings buyers, sellers, and experts together when making a brand name purchase. Authenticate Pro’s system helps minimize the chance of buying or selling a counterfeit.

Ray Salem, Founder and CEO states “Not only are we providing a service that is badly needed, but we will have a direct impact on human trafficking as well as child labor.”

The team at Inc. is solving a widespread problem that costs online retailers $461 billion per year.
Research shows that counterfeit items cause major headaches for online retailers, including Amazon and eBay. While these online platforms are successful, they also hemorrhage money due to counterfeit items. For sellers, the hassle and guesswork that goes into confirming whether or not items are authentic can be too great of an obstacle, and buyers are often left to work through returns if they suspect an item to be counterfeit.

In 2008, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimated the worth of counterfeit goods to be at $650 billion in 2013, the Department of Homeland Security seized $1.7 billion in counterfeit goods at U.S. borders.

Authenticate Pro, Inc. knowledgeable experts do thorough checks of items before issuing a “seal of approval” certifying an item’s authenticity.

These experts go through rigorous testing and interviews before being hired on by the company. The costs are economical and absorbed by the seller; buyers pay nothing extra for Authenticated items. They simply have the peace of mind of knowing that they’ve purchased a genuine item.

The company will utilize very distinct competitive advantages including their patented process, as well as ease of use. The primary principle is to create a culture of trust between the buyer and the seller by placing a specific brand expert into the transaction. Authenticate Pro is the first company to file for a patent for this kind of authentication process.

At a time when the volume of counterfeit goods continues to grow, consumers are losing confidence in making online or in store purchases. Major brands, such as; Oakley, North Face, and Gucci, are particular targets of counterfeit sales. Authenticate Pro gives buyers their confidence back and preserves the convenience and ease of buying items online while further protecting sellers and hosts.

Authenticate Pro’s Mission Statement is simple to help people to buy original products with peace of mind and to maximize your money with integrity.  We want you to know that the products you purchase online are authentic and real. That is our core value.

Authenticate Pro’s vision is to become a globally successful company, trusted as the leading expert in authenticating brands. No one deserves to receive a fake product thinking it is original; our team will continue to work and grow to keep the market space authenticated.

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