Scheidungshilfe: Professional Consensual Divorce (Einvernehmliche Scheidung) Service Provider Offers Free Holistic Divorce Service

Scheidungshilfeis a legal service provider with a difference. They have defied the traditional legal service structure to offer their clients more value than they can get anywhere else. They make themselves a worthy partner to their clients through their holistic legal service approach that does not simply give the client the best attorneys, but also full financing.

They are the leading provider of full-service consensual divorce (einvernehmliche scheidung) in Austria. They are happy to announce to the public and particularly, those going through a divorce, that they can get free divorce settlement legal service with them.

Scheidungshilfeis more than just a legal services provider in Austria. They are one of a kind outfit providing free legal services for those going through a divorce. The company was founded to address a major challenge that many people who are going through either consensual or non-consensual divorce face, which is the high cost of the divorce process. The firm has helped thousands of people since its founding and shouldered 100% of their divorce costs (scheidung kosten). This announcement coming as a reminder would be music to the ears of the most vulnerable people in divorce situations, as they now have an ally they can trust.

This announcement was made by the founder of the firm, Andreas Gselmann while addressing the ladies and gentlemen of the press during the company’s anniversary. While speaking about their services and the strategic approach that has not just given them success, but also put a smile on the faces of many people going through a divorce, he said, “Our firm is not your traditional law firm. We believe in investing ourselves in the cause of the client. So we share in their risks and cater to all the Spouse maintenance (ehegattenunterhalt) costs and whatever the divorce process may require without taking any money from them.” He further said, “Our approach to doing business has been much talked about, but we have proven, over and over again, that it works.” 

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In his address, the founder further said, “Many people are afraid to take the bold step because divorce costs (scheidung kosten) are very high. They are afraid of losing, and they know their lawyers would not mind throwing them under the bus when the going gets tough and rough. However, when they use our holistic service, they don’t have to worry because we take care of all they need to come out unscathed by their divorce, whether non-consensual or consensual divorce (einvernehmliche scheidung).” Andreas was quick to address the most common question that clients ask when he said, “One of the most common questions that our clients ask is; ‘where is the money going to come from?’ Our answer has always been that we are not afraid to shoulder the responsibility, whether Spouse maintenance (ehegattenunterhalt) or others. If our client gets a great settlement, we share in it with them, and if not, we share in the loss together. In this way, we have proven that we are willing to go all the way with them.”

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