COFC Raising Nearly $2 Billion by IEO and ICO

COFC Cash Tokens Expected To Be Distributed during the Next Five Years

September 9, 2019 – COFC Technologies Ltd. is working to produce a new cash token in the future. The goal of the program is to raise about $1.8 billion for distribution during the next five years.

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The Israeli blockchain company COFC technologies Ltd is the parent company of TEVEL and is aiming to produce a token that will work on the TEVEL system. With TEVEL, it is easy for people to manage payments and interact with businesses and other local service providers. The goal of the system will be to ensure people can interact with each other well, but the COFC cash token will be a critical part of what makes the setup so useful.

COFC started a pre-ICO and IEO on August 20. The events are expected to end on September 29. Whitelisted and pre-qualified investors will be eligible to participate in the event.

The goal for the future will be to help with supporting various digital currency efforts. About 180 million COFC Cash tokens are expected to be produced at a value of $18 million during the event.

COFC Cash will be a stable coin backed by the Gold of the new generation, Bitcoin. With there being general expectations that the Bitcoin and other currencies could become more valuable over time, there will be a need to look at how well investment can work.

An even greater goal of COFC and TEVEL is to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital currency world. The work would be to help make it easier for COFC Cash and other currencies in the virtual world to start working in real world environments.

The cash will also work well with the TEVEL system. With TEVEL, people can use a decentralized setup where public events in one’s area can be found and recorded with a blockchain setup. It can be easy for businesses to interact with people and to work with payments online. People can also send and receive COFC Cash token payments through the TEVEL system.

Further development is expected to support the growth of the COFC Cash token and the TEVEL system that will link to the currency. Information on the currency can be found at

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