GEO’s first listing and free airdrops are about to launch, GeoDB’s first effort is worth looking forward to!

GeoDB, a new concept project that combines big data and blockchain technology, has attracted attention because of its precise strategic positioning and strong technical strength. Today, GeoDB is making its first “big move” 

According to related reports, GeoDB will launch the GEO free airdrop on LongBit at 20:00 on September 9th, Singapore time. At 20:45 on the same day, the GEO/USDT and GEO/LBP transactions will also be open. 

Based on the principle of giving LongBit users dividends, there is basically no threshold. The user will be eligible to participate as long as he completes the KYC certification. Users can use LBP for GEO subscription from 20:00 to 20:30 on September 9. The bid price is 1LBP=1GEO. The minimum subscription amount for a single user is 10LBP, but there is no limit on the maximum subscription amount. 

There will be 210,000 GEO available for users to subscribe, and the GeoDB team has also set up some detailed and reasonable participation rules. When the subscription time is over, the system will allocate the total amount of airdrops according to the user subscription amount. If the quota of one single account exceeds 2000 LBP, it will be distributed at the quota of 2000 LBP. 

The number of GEO airdrops that users are expected to receive can be calculated using the formula:

user subscriptions/all user subscriptions * total airdrops

When the airdrop allocation ends, all LBP that users subscripted will be returned, and the GEO obtained after the subscription will also be released. 

Even more surprising is that Longbit will also hold a “Net Buy Contest” from September 9th to September 16th. During this period, the website will reward users according to their accumulated net purchase volume (buy-sell), and users can participate in the transaction through the GEO/USDT and GEO/LBP trading pairs.

As long as you are a KYC-certified user and have purchased more than 500GEO during the event, you are eligible to participate in this event. The GeoDB team also prepared big reward for everyone: the first 1-10, each can get 10% of the net purchase of GEO; the 11th -100th, each can get 7% of the net purchase of GEO; 100-1000, each can get 5% of the net purchase of GEO. 

As an ecosystem dedicated to creating trust and value, GeoDB combines users, middle platforms, data buyers or data analysts to create better solutions through the energy of distributed ledger technology and eventually a more efficient big data market.

Organizing such a large-scale event has undoubtedly demonstrated the confidence and determination of GeoDB to actively enter the blockchain market. We believe that the token based on the GeoDB sustainable value ecosystem is bound to create tremendous value and potential in the future.

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