BridgeBond-Securities, predicted to be licensed by one of the three largest banks in world the Agricultural Bank of China

As part of their upcoming 2 Billion EUR JV with financing short term bridge loans on the EU market, 2018 was a profit and growth record for BridgBond-Securities and the seventh year in which it was nominated as the most trustable fixed income bond in Switzerland. 

BridgeBond-Securities which controlled by Brookfield Euroswiss Holdings have become the first private foreign financial cooperation to gain Beijing’s approval to lead underwriting for all kinds of short-term debt in Europe and UK — the latest high-profile reform this year aimed at opening the financial sector of the world’s second-largest economy. 

While on 2018  BridgeBond-Securities, Book Value of $2.8bn was a record high, it was less than 1 percent of the $843bn issued in china onshore, according to data from Dealogic. We can learn that Agricultural Bank of China, significantly trust BridgeBond Securities management to lead its short-term corporate loan expansion to the EU market.  In August, JPMorgan’s asset management arm won an auction to purchase a majority stake in its Chinese joint venture  and together with making it the first foreign business to take control of an EU Bond institution.

Jörg Gasser, BridgeBond Securities Chairman, Switzerland, said that license BridgeBond Securities, an EU Financial institution, would allow the bank to expand its underwriting range and gain direct access for EU companies. “…Many of the borrowers that we already work with for credit issuances and short term loans are chines companies. This will enable us to work with them domestically in EU,” he said.

Edmund Goh, Asian fixed income investment director at Aberdeen Standard, said underwriting in EU alone was unlikely to be an important segment for either BridgeBond debt and capital markets business. I Swiss credibility & Legacy of Trust since 1963

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