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Nikola Iliev (born 10 September 1996), known professionally by his stage name Nickarth, is a musician, producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

With Nickarth writing, composing, performing and producing every single piece of his records, the level of thought and emotion put into each note is undeniable, while the melodies are brilliantly simple and irresistible.

His Debut E.P distributed by Cafe De Anatolia will be out during the midst of November on all streaming services.

NickArth sits down to speak with McCaffery Media about his most popular E.P’s.

‘I’m Okay (ft. James The Bear)’

NickArth told McCaffery Media, “This is the first song on my E.P for a reason. The whole E.P story begins with it. Late January 2019th I was playing a show in a local pub and she was there, hanging out with her friends. My friend liked her a lot, so I went in to introduce him with her. I was more into her best friend, but at the end, we ended up together.”

‘She Doesn’t Give a Fxck’

“After few months of going out, I finally started to have doubts about this whole relationship thing. This was actually the 2nd song I wrote about her. I was trying to understand what made this relationship evolve so quickly and made me a vulnerable prisoner to it. I never felt this way.”

‘I Only Care If You Too’

“This song is clearly the toughest song I ever wrote. Love certainly makes you blind. I came back from a festival and I felt like something was missing. My heart denies it, but my mind clearly whispers that, I should only care if she does.”

‘Get Lost’

“I had seductive toxic thoughts for a while that won’t let me go. The result came in two days after the breakup. The music video of this song outlines the whole background story.”

‘Let It Go’ 

“Short piece of art about letting it go. I felt like I was in a trap. Not cool.”

‘You (Mi Vida Loca)’

”Don’t worry about me baby, I let myself go”
“During this period I let myself go and totally forgot who I really was before. This song outlines and connects my life before and after. I’m better alone.”

Preview of the E.P

”I Only Care If You Too” – Music Video:  

”Get Lost” – Music Video:


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