Sandbeck Farm Announces the Sale of their Foals Born in 2019

Sandbeck Farm Announces the Sale of their Foals Born in 2019

Blyton, UK – Sandbeck Farm breeds Shetland ponies and Falabella horses to sell to the public. The breeder has recently announced on their site at that their horses and ponies born in the spring of 2019 are now ready to be sold to prospective buyers.

As of now, there is at least one Shetland pony for sale and several Falabella horses for sale. Falabella horses grow to roughly the same size as ponies. More information about the exact offerings available can be reached at

Most of the foals currently available were born in May of 2019, making them just a few months old. Some of them may not be ready to leave the farm at this time. However, if that is the case, customers can visit the pony as often as they like before they take them home. Sandbeck Farm wants to ensure that their clients will be happy with their choice and that the young horses and ponies will begin to bond with their new owner.

Sandbeck Farm encompasses 60 acres where the horses they breed are free to roam. Since 2005, owner Darren has been breeding ponies on this property. Darren lives at Sandbeck Farm with his daughter and son. The family comprises the ultimate trio of animal lovers, owning one horse, two dogs, and four cats. Their dedication to animals is exemplified through the care that their ponies and horses receive at Sandbeck Farm.

Sandbeck Farm does not abandon their clients after they buy a horse from them. Their website is full of information about common ailments and treatments, needs and costs, and grass management, among other topics. Their website acts as a resource that also provides tips for the buying process to ensure that each client ends up with a pony with which they are satisfied.

Many former clients have expressed their delight at working with Sandbeck Farm on their Facebook page. From the seven recommendations it has received thus far, the company has a near-perfect rating of a 4.9 out of 5. To stay up to date with the company, the public can also follow them on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

For anyone with any questions, the farm can easily be reached by phone, email, or the contact form on their website. Darren and his family make it a point to answer all questions to the best of their ability and provide the horses they breed with the best possible environment.

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