ZEFF whitening cream and anti-sugar facial mask are favored by Japanese consumers and may become travel essentials.

The beauty Choosers are airborne in Tokyo to explore Japanese popular technology makeup on the spot. ZEFF is the most popular cosmeceutical brand in Japan this year. In order to deepen the Chinese market, on September 5, 2019, this national brand, which is popular in the Japanese entertainment industry, invited a group of beautiful Choosers to come to Tokyo to experience the charm of Japanese technology.

According to the reporter, the beauty Choosers who participated in the ZEFF Tokyo traceability of the Japanese technology cosmeceutical brand covered all the top traffic platforms in China, such as Weibo, Vibrato, Mogujie and Taobao Global Crown Store. Throughout the traceability journey, the Choosers have a deeper understanding of ZEFF brand skin care products and skin beauty concepts, and the dry goods are abundant and the harvest is full.

In the interview with the reporter, the super-beauty Choosers “Papa”, which has 1800W grass power and a single live broadcast and easily breaks a million people on Mogujie, said that, compared with the other Choosers, he actually prefers to position himself as a “product strict Choosers”; and he must witness and personally try every recommended brand, then recommend to fans. “Recently, ZEFF has become very popular in China, and many stars are using it. Japan is the benchmark of the global skin care industry. Many famous skin care brands have been born here. I also came here with the expectations of fans, hoping to be able to personally feel the latest beauty trends in Japan and recommend better products for fans.” Papa told reporters.

As the first stop of the ZEFF brand traceability, the Choosers came to ZEFF Tokyo R&D and production center – COSMOBEAUTY. With a history of more than 70 years, COSMOBEAUTY is the only manufacturer in Japan that can produce cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The R&D and production standards are extremely strict, and it also serves brands such as Shiseido, Kose, and Elizabeth Arden.

On the same day, Lishi Youci, the COSMOBEAUTY Director of Quality Management Department of Kanto Factory, introduced the ZEFF product development team that composes of top Japanese experts, pursuing the beauty of science and technology to reproduce the skin, with Japan’s latest skin care black science and technology, selecting the local pure raw material, using Japanese ingenuity to produce the most accurate efficient technology skin care products, such as gold anti-sugar mask, plain whitening cream, 377 long carbon whitening mask, ceramide tencel hydrating mask, etc. Consumer feedback from the series of products in Japan and overseas is very good.

The second stop of the ZEFF brand’s traceability is Don Quixote which has a reputation as a “shopping paradise”. As the largest chain convenience store and discount store in Japan, the goods here are known for their ultra-low discounts and genuine goods. It is a must-buy for every visitor to Tokyo.

The Choosers came to the Don Quixote Asakusa store in the center of Tokyo. They just entered the store and the main shelves of the two ZEFF brands came into their view. The shelves are full of shoppers, in addition to local consumers, there are also many  Chinese tourists.

The director of Don Quixote Asakusa Store introduced to the Choosers while visiting and said: “ZEFF’s skin care products have a good reputation in Japan.  Compared with other big-name cosmeceuticals, ZEFF relies on Hokkaido Lab Black Technology to promote technology skin care concept in Japan,  a variety of natural, fast and effective skin care products, such as plain whitening cream, gold anti-sugar mask, etc., are sought after by many Japanese beauty artists. Therefore, ZEFF products are quickly put on the shelves in the store and attracted  consumers to snap up.

The reporter learned that at present, ZEFF has settled in a number of Tokyo stores including Don Quixote Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shinjuku Southeast Exit, and Shibuya. In addition to Don Quixote, ZEFF has also put on the shelves all the major cosmeceuticals stores such as Sapporo cosmeceuticals and airport duty-free stores. Among them, Suyan Whitening Cream is recommended by the Hokkaido Tourism Bureau as an official duty-free shop – the Douyi Folk Art Center Yushu Gift Shop, as the beauty skin products that must be bought in Japan.

According to the reporter, at present, ZEFF has been settled in many Tokyo stores including Don Quixote Asakusa store, Shinjuku store, Shinjuku southeast entrance store and Shibuya district store.In addition, besides Don Quixote, ZEFF has also put on the shelves all the major cosmeceuticals stores such as Sapporo cosmeceuticals and airport duty-free stores.Without makeup whitening cream is also recommended by the Hokkaido tourism bureau official designated duty-free shop – the elm gift shop of the central civil arts center as a must-buy beauty products for travel to Japan.

“We obtained a lot from this ZEFF brand traces the source. From the powerful r&d and production base of ZEFF scientific skin care to the end of Don Quixote product channel, I personally felt the shocking scientific and technological skin care strength of ZEFF brand. I have a hunch, ZEFF in China will definitely set off a new wave of skin care, I will also strongly recommend ZEFF products to my fans so that more people can use more truly safe and effective skin care products. Vibrating Beauty Choosers” Wonder Woman Retirement life expressed at the end of the event.

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