VB Solutions Highlights U.S First Video Business Card Affiliate Directory

VB Solutions Highlights U.S First Video Business Card Affiliate Directory
Residual Income & Podcast Opportunities Available for High School & College Students

September 10, 2019 – Dallas – VB Solutions is introducing its new virtual video business card directory that provides a helpful approach to visual branding. The VB Solutions virtual video business card directory provides people with access to a unique platform for only $99 & up per month. People can use the VB Solutions directory to help them highlight their wares and videos to show off what they are doing when promoting what they have to offer to hundreds to thousands more weekly via Social Media platforms.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ndIgeosjTeQ

Your virtual video business card ensures that companies can get more people to see what you have available 24/7 365. With the partnership of educational institutions, consumers and Social Media influencers branding your virtual business card for less than $99 a month and product, service, prize or money monthly giveaway, what more exposure can a small business ask for?

The Video Business Card is perfect for all businesses, not to mention nonprofit organizations. The functions provided ensure that small business owners can make more resources with less going to advertising.

The residual income consumers receive for sharing and referring the virtual video business card directory postings via Social Media platforms is worth noting as well. Our consumers, “students, Social Media influencers, unemployed, under-employed, customers, clients, shoppers, non profit organizations,” receives $50 of the $99 monthly for each referral that is made, thus making it consistent for small business owners, partnering with their educational institutions, communities and non profit organizations, sharing the virtual video card directory via Social Media.

The greatest part is that whether consumers continue to refer or not, they will still get residual monthly income from those who remain members. We believe to empower communities, we must provide our students and communities with residual vs week to week payment and create a system where everyone has a shared interest, making the business their own. It’s a “you continue to scratch my back, I continue to scratch your approach”.

The design of the system makes it easier for businesses, organizations, and communities to grow together creating many more young entrepreneurs through consistent partnership, podcasting and the highlighting of Social Media branding. VBsolution also provides podcast hosting and installation at location sites for small business owners to brand themselves unlimited without the hassles of going to a studio/station. VBSolution also encourages students who are interested in podcasting to do weekly, a monthly podcast for small business owners.

The branding enterprise involved is for the community, its students that makes up the community and small business owners despite race, creed or statue; despite republicans or democrats. Something we all can agree on!

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