Sailing enthusiast Marco Bitran sails with the Griffin in the Boston Sailing competition

A member of Boston Sailing Center, Marco Bitran, places 8th at the recently concluded Boston Sailing competition

Currently, Marco Bitran is a lover of boats and sailing. He has dedicated his time to helping millions of people learn to sail and at the same time, improve their skills. Over the years, he has continued to show his passion for sailing. He is a regular member of the Boston Sailing Center and recently participated in the Boston Sailing competition where he sailed with the Griffin.

The popularity of sailing has continued to increase over the years, and the case is not any different in Boston with many people making it a pastime. Some of the many water activities that are common in Boston are kayaking and windsurfing, allowing people to enjoy their time while on the water. Marco Bitran is one such individual that have taken sailing as a hobby. Like many others, he has been able to improve his sailing skills over the years while also teaching other sailing enthusiasts how to have the best possible sailing experience.

Marco’s sailing skills have been put to the test severally, and he has participated in several competitions. In his course sailing, Marco has been on the water with several boats with the most recent one being the Griffin, a soling boat type in a competition recently completed in Boston. Marco Bitran from Boston placed 8th in the competition that featured almost 20 boats, further reiterating his amazing sailing skills. His crew was his son and his son’s friend – the best crew you can have!

Marco Bitran has always loved water activities, starting out his sailing days as a kid. He developed his abilities and mastered a lot of them while on the water sailing at the Community Boating Sailing Center in Boston during the summers. It was a privilege to be part of the Community Boating program – it’s a wonderful program that provides services to the Boston Community. Today, Marco Bitran is a regular member of the Boston Sailing Center, where he shares his wealth of experience and knowledge gathered over the years with people of Boston regardless of their age or level of sailing skills.

More information about Marco Bitran, his sailing exploits, and how to enjoy a fantastic sailing experience with him is available here.

About Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran is a sailing and boat enthusiast that is poised with helping lovers of water activities have the best possible experience. He is a member of one of the oldest boat centers in Boston, and he teaches other members of the club some of the skills he has gathered over the years.

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