Broken Household Appliances – One Of The Top Causes of San Diego Water Damage

Most people never consider their appliances as a potential culprit – although research shows home appliances is one of the top causes of damage.

Water Damage in San Diego can come from a variety of places. Michael Damico, Principal of Pacific Flood Restoration, sees damage from appliances as a part of his water damage services in and around San Diego.

“Appliances normally rest up against the wall. This way damage is not that easy to see unless the home owner sees water or smells a strong odor. Most of the time by then there is significant damage,” said Damico, “and people call us for San Diego water remediation services.”

Damico has an excellent tip for homeowners that may help minimize the chances for damage from appliances.

“Pull the appliance out from the wall every so often, and perform a visual inspection. It is also a good time to clean up behind the appliance as well,” said Damico.

This advice proved invaluable for one San Diego resident. Mark Hall was replacing his dishwasher and saw some water had pooled up behind the unit. There was enough water to require some work. He called San Diego water damage restoration service provider – Pacific Flood.

“Damico sent a team out. They saw the water and took care of the situation quickly. Had I not needed a new dishwasher, the damage could have been much more serious than it was. All reported I was very lucky, or at least luckier than some in my situation,” said Hall.

Hall took the damage as a sign and now checks his appliances with regularity.

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