2019 World Children’s Peace Little Angel Culture China Tour Global Ceremony Successfully ended in Shanghai

On August 18, 2019, the “2019 World Children’s Peace Little Angel Culture China Tour” Global Ceremony was successfully ended in Shanghai Minhang District La Chapelle Conference Center.

Pass on friendship, environmental protection and peace, and present a wonderful childhood.

From the auditions, preliminaries and finals of the national city competition area starting in April, 2019 World Children’s Peace Little Angel Culture China Tour attracted nearly 30,000 families and affected 500,000 people.

Some of the leading guests present at this global grand ceremony are: Speaker Li Shengmin of the World University Students’ Peace Ambassador Foundation; Chairman Yan Wanchuan of the United Nations Global Business Strategy Alliance; Secretary General of the US-China City Friendship Association Chen Biao; Executive Director of the World University Students’ Peace Ambassador Foundation Li Yuanri; Chairman Huang Qin of Shanghai Textile Federation; Party Secretary Yuan Rong of the Art Institute of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology. Huang Guifang, Chairman of the General Trade Union of the People’s Government of Wujing Town, Minhang District; Zhao Zuming, Vice President of China Overseas News Service; Guan Weiyong, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Economy and Organizations; Kong Xiangxing, Chairman of Shanghai Fashion Industry Promotion Center; Jiang Hongfa, Vice President and Executive Deputy Secretary General of the belt and road initiative International Project Cooperation Promotion Committee of China European Economic and Technological Cooperation Association;  Xu Fuyuan, Deputy Director of the Private Investment Committee of the China Investment Association of the National Development and Reform Commission, Chen Huqi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, Liu Zhende, Researcher of the China Society of Social Dance Studies, Sun Jinhai, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Clothing Industry Association, Zhu Jinlu, Secretary-General of the Customization Committee of the Shanghai Clothing Industry Association, Zheng Kui, Executive Director of the New Zealand Chinese Women’s Federation General Chamber of Commerce,  Member of the World University Students’ Peace Ambassador Foundation, Gao Mu, Vice Minister of Activities Department of Minhang District Cultural and Creative Industry Association of Shanghai, Zhang Zhiyu, and other leading guests attended the grand ceremony of the 2019 World Children’s Peace Angels Culture China Tour Finals.

From August 16 to 18, thousands of groups of cute babies joina feast with their families, shining the stage of dreams. The children performed with immature but professional performances at the competition site, adding colorful scenery to the competition.

Members of the WDC World Dance Federation presidium, director of the China Education Association’s Dance Beauty Campaign Committee, artistic director of Shanghai Film Group Zhu Haiyan, director of Shanghai Federation of Arts and Crafts Appraisal Center Song Yewei, former vice president of Shanghai International Art Festival Liu Baijian, and specially invited guests including China’s new generation actress Chang Rui, actor, singer Fu Huafeng, CCTV’s excellent host and image ambassador He Xiaoling, and Shanghai Garment Industry Association’s Customization Committee Deputy Secretary General Zhou Lijuan formed the final jury to bring authoritative comments and professional guidance to the wonderful performances of the “Angels of Peace”.

The 2019 World Children’s Peace Angels Global Ceremony Organizing Committee has the honor to place the final of the global grand ceremony in Wujing Town, a fashion center located in the main axis of clothing industry development in Lianhua South Road, Minhang District. There are three major clothing and apparel leading enterprises, namely ENGLAND, Semir and La Chapelle. The form and scale of the event have formed a gathering effect, and the event also combines the advantages of Minhang’s modern, international and diversified regional cultural and creative industries.  It has attracted domestic and international brands of children’s cultural and creative industries such as Dora, La Chapelle, Rong Unbounded, DQ, Ji Mei, Yi Jialin, Hong Gu Xiao Ai, “Le Huo Zi Yuan” natural rock water, “LOSSAN International” and “Thanks Guardian” to participate in the global grand ceremony.

The awards ceremony witnessed glory and the place where dreams set sail.

On the afternoon of August 18, the world children’s peace little angel final award ceremony was held in a grand ceremony. after fierce competition, the winners of the final were the third runner-up, the top ten, the children’s group, the children’s group and the top ten, and the third runner-up in the popularity of the internet was announced in turns at the grand ceremony site, and honorary certificates were awarded to the winners.

Later, the inauguration ceremony of the World Alliance of Children’s Peace Angels Volunteers was also successfully held. The small volunteers on the scene solemnly vowed that they would take on more social responsibilities in the future so as to make young people grow up and make the motherland stronger.

For Germany, New Zealand and China, host the 2020 World Peace Angels Culture Global Ceremony.

At the end of the competition, leading guests made a grand launch for the “2020 World Children’s Peace Angels Cultural Tour Global Ceremony”. In 2020, the competition will land in 20 countries around the world.

Dream Feast for Thousands of People!

Lovely “little angels of peace” Starlight Glimmer, they explained their pursuit of culture and their attitude to fashion with confidence, innocence and sweat. Young people are strong and strong, young people are wise and young people are rich.

The youth is the future of our country, and the hope of our nation. The world’s children’s peace little angel culture China’s global pageant enables young people to shoulder the mission of spreading the concepts of friendship, peace and environmental protection to the world.

May the little angels still meet here in the coming year.

The sponsors are willing to support our children’s colorful childhood dreams.

This world children’s peace little angel culture China tour takes the international fashion & technology landmark Shanghai-Minhang as its position, radiates all over the world, connects with the world university student peace ambassador global finals, the “China cup” international clothing design competition organizing Committee, China custom fashion week, new York fashion week and other major fashion platforms at home and abroad, and focuses on the international arena!

The “2019 World Children’s Peace Angels Culture China Tour Global Ceremony” project is a cross-border cultural and fashion festival for international children jointly sponsored by the World University Students’ Peace Ambassador Foundation, China’s key national planning, teaching and scientific research project for the next generation of the “13th Five-Year Plan”-the general research topic on the comprehensive quality assessment and evaluation of innovative and interesting traditional Chinese culture, music, dance, song and dance dramas, and the Shanghai Garment Industry Association. It is a gathering of China’s the belt and road initiative Industry Alliance, the Science and Art Industry Alliance, the China Custom Fashion Week, and the International Visual Arts Association. It is a life stage for the Peace Angels to fully release their self-display.

The organizers hope that the 5000-year-old excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation will be vividly promoted to the world’s children’s generation, so that the concept of inheriting Chinese culture and spirit will be established in the hearts of Chinese children from an early age, so that Chinese children will always remember their spiritual home, China, wherever they are in the world!

This grand ceremony is jointly sponsored by the China Organizing Committee for the World Children’s Peace Angel Culture, China’s the belt and road initiative Industry Alliance, the International Visual Arts Association, the Children’s Body and Image Shaping Professional Committee of the National Comprehensive Quality Assessment Center for Students, the Children’s Professional Committee of the Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Shanghai Wenyou Purchase Network Technology Co., Ltd., Peace Angel Supermodel College, KIDTOPS Children’s Announcement Platform, and hosted by Shanghai Yuesi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Boshiwei Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.;

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