Exciting New Program Entitled “My Purpose In Life” being launched by Breakthrough Mindsets

Canby, OR – Breakthrough Mindsets, creators of thought-provoking, and for some people life-changing courses, are delighted to announce the launch of their new product which they have called Activate Your Unique Purpose. Details of the new product can be found at their Activate Your Unique Purpose page.
The concept of the new course is that for anyone to enjoy life and flourish, they need to have a purpose. Having a life purpose will drive them out of bed in the morning and make them want to go to work and achieve their goals. In fact, many people who suffer from stress, or who feel lost are in this situation because they have no purpose in life, or perhaps they have not yet discovered their purpose.
The first part of the course is designed to help people find their life purpose, and the good news is that everyone can do this with relative ease. People’s lives tend to reflect their mindset, and the beauty of the mind is that you are in control. You can change your thoughts and ideas which will, in turn, be reflected in the life that you lead.
The ultimate aim of the course is to get the people who purchase it, to live their life by design. Think of the process of taking a long trip in a vehicle. Most people would use GPS and enter their destination. They know exactly how to get there and with a little help from their navigation system, they will eventually arrive at their destination. Many people, however, do not know what their purpose in life is and simply drift along with no purpose or destination in mind. The aim of the course is to give them focus and a plan which will help them achieve their dreams and goals.
“We are very excited to bring this course to market and are confident that it will have a positive effect on many people,” said Kim Ryder,  joint owner and founder of Breakthrough Mindsets. “All that people need is a little guidance and motivation to help them discover their potential and achieve the life they want. We are confident that this course will become one of our bestsellers.”
Breakthrough Mindsets uses a simple proven mindset training system, the Mindset Alignment Process (MAP), to align the conscious and subconscious mind so that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors work together automatically to help people achieve their goals.
For more information about the company, and their various products, visit their website at https://www.breakthroughmindsets.com

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